Cutting is the separation or opening of a physical object, into two or more portions, through the application of an acutely directed force.
Implements commonly used for cutting are the knife and saw, or in medicine and science the scalpel and microtome. However, any sufficiently sharp object is capable of cutting if it has a hardness sufficiently larger than the object being cut, and if it is applied with sufficient force. Even liquids can be used to cut things when applied with sufficient force (see water jet cutter).
Cutting is a compressive and shearing phenomenon, and occurs only when the total stress generated by the cutting implement exceeds the ultimate strength of the material of the object being cut. The simplest applicable equation is:





{\displaystyle {\text{stress}}={{\text{force}} \over {\text{area}}}}



{\displaystyle \tau ={\frac {F}{A}}}

The stress generated by a cutting implement is directly proportional to the force with which it is applied, and inversely proportional to the area of contact. Hence, the smaller the area (i.e., the sharper the cutting implement), the less force is needed to cut something. It is generally seen that cutting edges are thinner for cutting soft materials and thicker for harder materials. This progression is seen from kitchen knife, to cleaver, to axe, and is a balance between the easy cutting action of a thin blade vs strength and edge durability of a thicker blade.

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  1. denners

    Cutting pre cut\grooved tiles

    I am a pretty experienced DIY tiler and bought some pre scored tiles without realising.... obviously not experienced enough at online shopping. There are several threads regarding grouting this type of tile.but I can't see any about cutting. Can you score and snap pre grooved tiles as I fear...
  2. AHTiling

    Tile Cutting Accessories

    Hello All, First post in this forum so forgive me if this has already been posted before. From your experiences. Which accessories or tips would you buy or encourage others like myself to do, to aid our cutting quality? Issues I'm having currently are cutting around objects such as piping...
  3. T

    Limestone sealing and cutting

    Hello. Have just taken delivery of our pale limestone tiles (tumbled, cream/beige) and am fitting them myself (have tiled a full travertine bathroom and slate kitchen floor before) so have some experience, however, would you recommend sealing the tiles before they are laid? Also, what would you...
  4. Sophietilingbeginner

    Tile Trim Precision cutting metal tile trim

    Hi, we have bought the nickel finish box shape stainless steel trim (link below) we have tried to cut it with an angle grinder and a saw, the heat of the angle grinder is ruining the finish and the saw isn’t giving us the clean finish we are looking for, we need to cut 45 degree angles, is this...
  5. N

    How to cut these 3d ceramic bathroom tiles?

    Hi folks, Not a large amount of experience tiling but I did a respectable job on a kitchen backsplash with metro tiles a few years back. My wife has decided she wants a particular tile fitted to our shortly to be renovated bathroom. These tiles are B&Q ceramic 600mm x 200mm and they have a...
  6. R

    Cutting advise for 38mm Yorkstone

    Hi all, just wanted to ask for some advice please as to best option for cutting 38mm Buff Yorkstone steps and slabs. I will be cutting 1500mm steps length ways for the risers along with 600x600 slabs. I was looking at hiring a Flex CS60 with rails but not sure if that will do the job or if...
  7. N

    Best tile cutter you've used for cutting 1500 mm long tiles??

    Bought the Rubi TX-Maxi to use on 1000 mm tiles which is very good but customers seem to be going for bigger floor tiles on each job ,😩. any recommendations pls
  8. C

    Tile cutter recommendations

    Hi I am going to be tiling the walls in our cloakroom, approx 6m2. Tiles are 400x250x8 ceramic. Can anyone recommend a tile cutter <£50 to do the job please?
  9. S

    1200X600X12 porcelain cutting and general advice

    Im going to be tiling my shower room walls and floor with some large format tiles as per the title. Having only used 600X300 on mt Kitchen an downstairs bathroom I dont think my 40 quid plasplugs wet saw will be up to this job! (In actual fact I have cut porcelain tiles with it before, but...
  10. R

    Cutting What would be your tool of choice for cutting plinths etc

    Trimming down kitchen plinths and end panels? Don't do many but have one coming up, usually use masking tape a a saw with high tpi. Any power tools better?
  11. L

    Issue cutting tile with sigma max

    Evening all. I hope you are all well. I am having an issue where I cannot cut a tile straight. The start and end of the cuts breaks off diagonally. Please see image attached. I am cutting 10mm porcelain tiles. Could someone also tell me how to set the height of the wheel for the thickness of...
  12. L

    What tool to use for cutting trim mitres

    Hi all. I hope you are keeping well. Need a bit of advice on which tool is best to cut the mitres on metal trim. Can you get a good blade for an angle grinder or is there not enough control with this? I don't have a small chop saw, only a big sliding mitre saw which a blade would be very...
  13. P

    Clipper TT200 for cutting pavers

    We are in the process of planning to lay concrete 400x400x40mm pavers and will need to cut quite a few of them (approx 40). Hiring a saw works out to be quite expensive (have 2nd project a bit later on) so am looking at options to purchase a DIY tile (paver?) cutter and have come across the...
  14. A

    Cutting 610mm x 305m in half

    hi guys, i want to cut a 610mm x 305mm granite tile in half i.e. I want 2 305mm x 305mm tiles, but most DIY electric tile cutters have a small cutting table and generally don't have a cross cut fence, I hope this makes sense and any help would be most appreciated. thank you,
  15. J

    Tile cutting....

    Hi, i need to trim some 600x300 porcelin tiles, i need to take about 5mm max off of the 300 side.... Would a manual cutter do this?? Or best to use my wet cutter?? Only issue i have with the cutter is the bed isnt really wide enough to fully support the tile.... Any thougts or advice...
  16. L

    Porcelain cutting tool options for beginner

    Hi, apologies if this has already been covered before but I couldn't find anything in the forum searches. ok so I'm an aerospace engineer by trade and carpenter by hobby, so I'm pretty capable at making things and have set my hand to refurbishing my en suite into a wet room. the plumbing...
  17. N

    Best tile cutter you have used for cutting 1200 x 12000 Porcelain floor tiles ?

    Best tile cutter you have used for cutting 1200 x 1200 Porcelain floor tiles ?
  18. O

    Quality of tile cutting when installing a metal edging strip

    We now have a professional tiler in attempting to tile a wall up to an external corner where he has suggested incorporating a metal edging trim. Due to the overall layout of the tiles, the tile edges next to the trim need to be cut, which the tiler has attempted to do. He's also trying to butt...
  19. B

    Acceptable option for cutting tiles around bathroom pipes/taps

    Hi, We are in the middle of having our bathroom tiled and we are worried about how the tiler is going about cutting around pipes / taps. Would you say these cuts show in the photos are acceptable? Appreciate the help. Thanks
  20. G

    Porcelain Cutting 20mm porcelain pavers

    Hi All. I'm just looking for a little bit of help please. I am laying a 25 sqm 800x400 patio in the coming weeks. I am going to hopefully do all my straight cuts with an angle grinder and a straight edge. I have both a 41/2" and 9" grinder and was wondering in your experience which size disc...
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