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  1. UKTT Darren

    UK Tiling Courses at UK Pro Tiling Training

    We have been a member on the tilers forums pretty much from the start in 2006, we are one of the original, longest and highest rated tiling courses in the UK training people who are looking for a fast track professional tiling course. Our history and reviews speak for themselves. Some of our...
  2. Expert Tiling Courses UK

    Expert Tiling Courses UK - Tiling Courses Newport - Feedback Thread

    Morning all. Dan asked me to post up a thread about our training centre which he can then use for feedback. We have been established in Newport, South Wales (just across the bridge from Bristol) since early 2020 and have taught hundreds of students who are looking for a new career in tiling...
  3. Dan

    Mapei UK Free Tiling Courses Practical or Online

    Mapei Academy Mapei UK Free Tiling Courses Practical or Online The ceramic course covers the following points: Substrate Preparation do’s and don’ts The Importance of Priming and Levelling Compounds Adhesives & Grouts – making the correct choice Waterproofing applications to prevent failures...
  4. kevh171083

    New Beginnings Tiling Academy

    10 Day Tiling Course in St Helens. £500 Tiling Kit Free Of Charge Health & Safety Level 1 Account Openings With All Leading Brands Sign up Today
  5. K

    Advice on training courses

    Hi all, Looking for advice for tiling courses around Dorset , Hampshire areas. But willing to travel to best providers . Any advice really appreciated 😊
  6. S

    Tiling Courses Northern Ireland

    So there any good tiling training courses available in Northern Ireland. I would like to lear how to tile properly? Thanks in advance
  7. C

    Tiling courses and Training in Cornwall

    Hi everyone - I have just joined the forum, thanks for having me. Hopefully someone can help me on my search for some quality tiling training. Initially i am looking for some training purely for the purpose of tiling my own house and with a view of potentially starting up a small tiling...
  8. W

    Tiling Courses

    Hi I live in Nottingham and looking for a tiling course around the area , it just seems impossible to find one unless I travel up north or down south. I really want to start a career in tiling after sitting behind a computer for the last god knows how many years !!! , I have done a couple of...
  9. W

    Does anyone know of any tiling courses around Nottingham (shire). Can not find any with driving up north or down south thanks

    Does anyone know of any tiling courses around Nottingham (shire). Can not find any with driving up north or down south thanks
  10. C

    Setting Out Struggle to find a local tiling course (Brighton)

    Are there any recommended tiling courses in the East Sussex area that still exist? I have been searching and all the courses appear to be far away? Any advice appreciated?
  11. Dan

    Reported content: Post in thread 'Training Feedback - Construction Skills College Tiling Courses'

    Post in thread 'Training Feedback - Construction Skills College Tiling Courses' by Guest has been reported by Dan. Reason given: Content being reported:
  12. T

    Expert UK Tiling Courses (Cardiff) - Tiling Courses Feedback Thread

    Hi guys Long time viewer of the forum, first post. I want to put myself through a tiling course and wondered if anyone has any feedback of Expert Tiling Courses UK in Cardiff? Their website and operation looks very similar to UK Pro Tiling. Are they linked? Thanks.
  13. Dan

    A1 Tiling Courses

    For quite some time we had dozens of websites. We closed a whole bunch (including some time ago due us (me) being so busy with the main few forums. That said; I bring you - the website that will let you know who to spend your money with...
  14. R

    Setting Out Intro to Tiling

    Hi just looking at starting out in tiling, precious DIYer but due to enjoyment would like to pursue a career. Can you recommend any good fast track courses ?
  15. R

    Training Courses

    Hi all I am new to this so apologies if I have posted in the wrong place! I am currently do a Little DIY tiling, which I enjoy. My day job is in a rather precarious position due to what’s going on In the world, and I am looking at a change of career be it possibly part time initially In...
  16. Dan

    BAL Training Courses for Feb - Free for YOU+BAL users

    Just had this email and thought it'd be handy for BAL users perhaps. :) Up your game with BAL training Spaces Available on our February Courses At BAL we believe that quality workmanship is just as important as high quality products, which is why...
  17. Dan

    Best Tiling Courses UK? -Recommended Tiling Courses

    Continue reading...
  18. B

    Advice on training courses

    Hi everyone im new to this page,looking for a bit of advice on a training course which I have seen. It is a 12 week course gaining an sqa level 6 in tiling costing £6000 ( which my current employer is funding as im being made redundant within the next year) im wondering if that qualification has...
  19. J

    Are the Dunlop tiling courses any good?

    I've been looking at tiling courses recently and seen a lot of courses through training providers like Able Skills. I also came across a manufacturer who does training courses and not sure if these will be better or worse. Has anyone tried this Dunlop tiling course? I think the introduction...
  20. D

    Courses for new job opportunities

    Does anybody know of any good 2 week courses where I can get a qualification to be a soldier and leave the tiling . Also can I take further qualifications in marksmanship , explosive handling , tank driving and black ops to increase my employment opportunities.
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