A ceramic is any of the various hard, brittle, heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials made by shaping and then firing an inorganic, nonmetallic material, such as clay, at a high temperature. Common examples are earthenware, porcelain, and brick.
The earliest ceramics made by humans were pottery objects (pots or vessels) or figurines made from clay, either by itself or mixed with other materials like silica, hardened and sintered in fire. Later, ceramics were glazed and fired to create smooth, colored surfaces, decreasing porosity through the use of glassy, amorphous ceramic coatings on top of the crystalline ceramic substrates. Ceramics now include domestic, industrial and building products, as well as a wide range of materials developed for use in advanced ceramic engineering, such as in semiconductors.
The word "ceramic" comes from the Greek word κεραμικός (keramikos), "of pottery" or "for pottery", from κέραμος (keramos), "potter's clay, tile, pottery". The earliest known mention of the root "ceram-" is the Mycenaean Greek ke-ra-me-we, workers of ceramic written in Linear B syllabic script. The word ceramic can be used as an adjective to describe a material, product or process, or it may be used as a noun, either singular, or more commonly, as the plural noun "ceramics".

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  1. L

    Ceramic Wall Tile Failure - How?

    Looking for some technical advice on these tiles please. Our installers fitted this CaPietra Ceramic tile in Oct 22. CCL Wetroom floor, tanked plasterboard to walls. We believe they used a ready-mix adhesive such as BAL White Star as it looks too white from installation photos to be...
  2. L

    Are these porcelain or ceramic?

    Hi all, I bought some tiles for my bathroom wall, including a shower over bath area The shop advertised them as porcelain so I’ve been finding an adhesive suitable for that. Having received the tiles, the box says ‘dry-pressed ceramic tiles, with water absorption Eb <0.5%’ It says ceramic...
  3. D

    I'm Looking For This Tile cooperativa ceramic d`imola unien 159GLB111

    I am looking for old tiles i want to take out bath re place walk in shower the info on box is cooperativa ceramic d`imola unien 159GLB111 they are two colours light beige and tan with border tiles and inserts i want two boxes of the tan ones any info would be usefull...
  4. OClarke

    Contract Ceramic Tilers

    Hi All, We are looking for contract ceramic tilers to join our team due to continuous business growth. Great rates of pay but must have a CSCS card. If you’re interested, please drop your name and number below and we’ll be in touch, Thanks, Oliver
  5. I

    I'm Looking For This Tile Essent.cross soft RT _1_ E50 R

    Hi, Manufacturer is Elios Ceramica in Italy, sold via tile giant stores, but discontinued 2022. Tile 0726A45 ESSENT.CROSS RT. -1- E50 R Size 1200mm X 200mm gray wood effect looking for 4 packs, each pack has 4 tiles
  6. W

    I'm Looking For This Tile British Ceramic tile BCT12238 white

    Hi, I'm looking for a single (or a few) BCT 12238 tiles in white - discontinued, but need to replace a damaged one. Any ideas where I might find them? Thanks
  7. V

    I'm Looking For This Tile Vitromex Sand Beige Ceramic

    Hello Looking for 10 pieces of Vitromex Sand Beige 16x16 16sandbeig. Thanks!
  8. D

    I'm Looking For This Tile British Ceramic Tile Buxton Dark Beige CAN42957

    Hello Everyone. I'm hoping to find some spares of British Ceramic Tile Buxton Dark Beige (stock code CAN42957). They used to be stocked by Victorian Plumbing, amongst others. Would anyone happen to have a few left over or know who may have some? Thanks, John.
  9. R

    January 2022, two bathrooms booked in, ceramic tiles nice and easy 😎

    January 2022, two bathrooms booked in Happy days
  10. J

    I'm Looking For This Tile Spirit Perla 25 x 40 cm ceramic tile

    Hi All, It's a bit of a long shot, but I'm looking to source some Spirit Perla ceramic tiles for some bathrooms in the UK. I can't identify the original manufacturer, but I have found the tile with a company called Greta Ceratech in India. Would anybody know where I might be able to source...
  11. L

    Ceramic tiles left in the rain

    Hello everyone, first time DIY tiler. I bought some ceramic tiles for both bathrooms and a kitchen backsplash in the summer, left them stacked in the garden and have recently brought them indoors to start the job but as expected being outside in sunny England they've been rained on a few times...
  12. V

    I'm Looking For This Tile Hi l am looking for floor terracotta ceramic tiles please

    Any spares would be much appreciated
  13. J

    I'm Looking For This Tile British Ceramic Tiles Brooklyn Chalk 298x598mm wall tiles

    originally from B&Q need 5 if possible - but will buy more if avaliable
  14. S

    Ceramic wall tiles joining resin floor

    Hi all, I have had a resin floor fitted and I am now tiling the shower room. One thing that I am not too sure on is how to join the tiles with the resin floor, or literally leave as it as per the photo. The resin is not sealed so remains permeable, which allows any drainage and behind the tile...
  15. A

    I'm Looking For This Tile Rajasthan Sand ceramic tiles manufactured by Underfasa 600 x 300mm Originally supplied by Ridgeons.

    Bar codes on box as follows: 24012762292001304(10) //1165131201 435101 2762929
  16. D

    I have some Riva ceramic subway tile that has hairline cracks running down my walls. two showers where I am getting the hairline cracks.

    Tiling News and Articles Only Please
  17. N

    I'm Looking For This Tile I am looking for Lombardy Powder Satin Ceramic Wall Tiles 400 x 250 I need 15 minimum.

    Does anybody have any of these tiles. I bought them from B&Q 4or 5 years ago
  18. I

    How to stick LVT Luxury Vinyl Tiles over ceramic WALL tiles

    Hi all, I've some 25x50cm 2.5mm thick vinyl tiles i need to stick over old (sound) shiny tiles in bathroom. Was looking at this stuff but it seems crazy pricey. Ultrabond Eco MS 4 LVT Wall Adhesive Has anyone any experience with doing this sort of job can weigh in and give me some advice please?
  19. B

    I'm Looking For This Tile White bumpy ceramic wall tiles

    Strata white ceramic bumpy tiles 15x20 cm originally bought from Wickes back in the 90’s.
  20. R

    Ceramic tile thinset advice

    Have built new custom 4x4 shower and will be placing 4" porcelain floor tiles. Regrettably drain depth was set a bit high in pan that cannot be adjusted and now requires 8 place thinset to 1/4" to ensure drainage. Most or many commentators agree thinset should not exceed 3/16". Have any here...
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