Black is a color which results from the absence or complete absorption of visible light. It is an achromatic color, without hue, like white and gray. It is often used symbolically or figuratively to represent darkness. Black and white have often been used to describe opposites such as good and evil, the Dark Ages versus Age of Enlightenment, and night versus day. Since the Middle Ages, black has been the symbolic color of solemnity and authority, and for this reason is still commonly worn by judges and magistrates.Black was one of the first colors used by artists in neolithic cave paintings. It was used in ancient Egypt and Greece as the color of the underworld. In the Roman Empire, it became the color of mourning, and over the centuries it was frequently associated with death, evil, witches, and magic. In the 14th century, it was worn by royalty, clergy, judges and government officials in much of Europe. It became the color worn by English romantic poets, businessmen and statesmen in the 19th century, and a high fashion color in the 20th century. According to surveys in Europe and North America, it is the color most commonly associated with mourning, the end, secrets, magic, force, violence, evil and elegance.Black ink is the most common color used for printing books, newspapers and documents, as it provides the highest contrast with white paper and thus is the easiest color to read. Similarly, black text on a white screen is the most common format used on computer screens. As of September 2019, the darkest material is made by MIT engineers from vertically aligned carbon nanotubes.

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  1. E

    Black limestone questions!

    We have just laid an outdoor patio and path using black limestone (now wishing I’d perhaps looked in this forum first)! It hasn’t yet been sealed or grouted, but is already extremely dirty with cement residue etc etc. 1. Recommendations for a suitable cleaner (I know we can’t use anything...
  2. N

    Desperatley Seeking Seramiksan Teos Black 33 x 33 Tiles

    Does anyone know how I can get hold of some discontinued Seramiksan Teos Black 33 x 33 tiles. I need about 10 to replace broken tiles that usve been removed. I have been to just about every tile supplier in my area (and there is a lot) and I have tried to search for them on the Internet but I am...
  3. R

    1920s/30s Black and White Tile Restoration Advice Needed

    I've recently bought a house dated around the 1920/30s and found black and white tiles underneath the carpet in the hallway. I've already cleaned the majority of the grime away, including paint marks, stiff glue and dirt, however there's a few parts I really can't rectify: Yellow/brown...
  4. jamesara

    black title lost gloss after cleaning with a product

    Hello , For some reason the cleaning product removed the gloss, or not sure what could happen, I have around 2000ft black floor and everything is with this type of damage, I have tried everything possible on my hands, What do you think? it's possible to polish, or something, very thanks for...
  5. B

    White adhesive residue stuck to black slate effect tiles.

    I’ve got some white adhesive residue stuck to the surface of black slate effect tiles. Give them a wipe with a damp cloth and the residue is invisible but when it drys it becomes noticeable again. Tried hard bristle brush with boiling water but due to the texture of the tile I just can’t get...
  6. Adamwaymouth

    HELP To Restore black quarry tiles

    HELP To Restore black quarry tiles ??? They got cleaned with chemical lime wash remover and are now ruined 😡! Restoration? Please any help be hugely appreciated?????? Thank you Adam
  7. P

    Restoring black tiles

    Hi My daughter has black slate tiles on her patio, they have become grey and stained with a white residue, I have tried pressure washing and scrubbing etc but no change. What product would restore them back to black please Thanks Peter
  8. R

    I'm Looking For This Tile Undefasa Rajasthan black 600 x 330

    Hi I'm looking for this tile - they changed the size recently to 600 x 300 but I need the older size to match the flooring into a new extension
  9. G

    I'm Looking For This Tile Black jewel Diamond Tile from Toppstiles

    Hello, I am looking for the discontinued topps tiles range - Black jewel diamond
  10. A

    Best black metal tile trims

    Hopefully a quick one. Can anyone advise the best 12mm black metal tile trims. I. E. The hardest wearing as I never intent on changing the tiles. Are the pvd coated ones any good? Black porcelain tiles.
  11. ChrisMc59

    Black Limestone Hearth advice

    Hi All, I often take some knowledge from these forum but today Im looking for some advice myself. I have a 60mm Black Limestone heart that has some marks I cannot shift. At first I thought its was grout/motar marks from tiling but now im not so sure. (Its not as if theres something stuck on...
  12. S

    Stained black tiles

    Hello! Iv recently bought this house and iv noticed that the bathroom tiles go white after they are dry. Iv tried cleaning it with vinegar, CLR and generic cleaning products. I don’t even know what it is. Please help me!
  13. K

    Black limestone stains

    Hi all I laid a full patio with black limestone last October on a full layer of concrete. I didn't use grout and used joint it simple. Brushed it in then soaked it. From day 1 the patio had a silver grey look and never looked black. I was advised not to seal for 12 weeks and to make sure it was...
  14. G

    Soft black adhesive removal

    Hello all!! Great to be back here after a long while away!! My situation is: I have lifted some old lino tiles (asbestos free, got them tested!) and am now faced with a kitchen floor covered in this soft black adhesive (goes quite malleable when heated with a heat gun but very sticky) and I...
  15. K

    I'm Looking For This Tile Looking for Waldorf Negro Black 45cm x 45cm tiles

    Hi I'm looking for about 10 x Waldorf Nergo 45cm x 45cm floor tiles if anyone can help??
  16. P

    I'm Looking For This Tile Porcelanosa black 60x60cm floor tiles

    I'm looking for 5 Porcelanosa Urbatek Black floor tiles 60x60cm which have been discontinued. If anyone should have some Iwould appreciate hearing from you. Many thanks
  17. A

    Black limestone

    I’ve been doing a lot of research on how to lay black limestone but it’s pretty up in the air. Should I fully seal all six sides prior to laying the stone or simply brush a sbr mix onto the back of the slabs. Obviously I want to reduce the amount of stains rising through the stone. Also if I was...
  18. J

    Black Furan grout fading to white

    I work in an architectural office and we completed an elementary school over the summer. We have an issue in the commercial kitchen where the black furan grout is fading to gray and white. The tile in question was a thickset application using products from a major US manufacturer. We thought...
  19. P

    Black asphalt help

    Hi all, thanks I’m advance for any help I've pulled up the floor on the bottom floor of a house. It has a black asphalt layer. I’m looking to lay underfloor heating so I’m going to use tile adhesive to stick down insulation boards, then the heating system and finally tile on top. My...
  20. C

    Removing white marks from black bathroom tiles

    Hi, In the space of a couple of weeks my beautiful gray/ block stone bathroom tiles on the floor of the shower have developed white spotty patches in various locations. What are these marks ? Apparently we have soft water and thus it’s unlikely to be calcium or hard water stains. I did change...
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