1. E

    Off White shower grout with black spots !

    Hello, any ideas what maybe causing this stains in a shower grout and how to get rid of them. The grout was Sealed about 3years ago. Thanks.
  2. G

    matt tiles discoloured with black Mapei grout - steam cleaner shifts it

    Hi folks. I had the bright idea of mixing discontinued B&Q metallic tiles with B&Q (Pilkingtons) Hot Rocks matte tiles in my kitchen. After discovering they were about 5mm different in size, despite being nominal 100 x 100, the project went on the back-burner for years. Recently I decided to...
  3. Josh Clark

    Grout SOS! I need help! My Black grout is gray!

    OK, I need some constructive instruction. I did a polished slate floor in herringbone, and wanted Black grout to accent the colors in the floor. Well I’m having problems with efflorescence/gray grout. I know I really screwed up by using to much water to clean the tile, I don’t know how I could...
  4. J

    Grout Black sanded caulk wanted

    Hello, I'm looking for black sanded caulk grout, it will be used for a access panel into Bath. Kind regards
  5. Spud 22

    To seal black floor grout or not?

    Hello all, I have recently laid ceramic tiles in my hall, bathroom and kitchen(all the same tile) I have used Mapei black grout. I have never sealed grout before but because it's black grout I was considering sealing it because of fading? Any recommendations please?
  6. J

    Problem with Ardex Grout FS Innocent Black

    Happy Christmas to everyone and I hope 2019 is a very successful year for all. I'm looking for a bit of help with Ardex Grout from anyone who has used it or better still, uses it frequently. I've had a job that has gone horribly wrong. Long story short, the day after grouting the floor tiles on...
  7. W

    Sealant colour with black grout and white tiles

    Hi everyone, new to the forum and looking for some advise. Just finishing off installing my new bathroom which has been tiled top to bottom with gloss white bumpy tiles and black grout. Bath, sink and furniture is all white. What colour silicone would look best around the bath/shower area and...
  8. JulianSidney

    I'm Looking For This Tile red and black floor tiles 100mm x 100mm need to do repairs in old farm house

    need to find something looking like these, any size as I can cut to size. need about 2m2
  9. F

    Removing scuff marks from black floor tiles

    I have laid some black floor tiles which have a slightly textured semi-matt finish. They are as hard as any I have ever used and a B**** to cut but they are now down. To my horror they scuff very easily and where I fitted the toilet there are some marks in the tile surface. I am not sure if...
  10. B

    Grout Stop grout going black in new bathroom.

    Just doing a bathroom with white ceramic wall tiles and grey porcelain floor tiles. I've been asked to prevent the grout going black and dirty over time and to ease cleaning. Can I use something like Stain Stop on the grout? Its Mapei on walls and Bal on floor.
  11. Stuart ward

    Malaya Black tops tiles

    I'm looking for some.Malaya Black floor tiles , they where sold at tops tiles,they look like grey although called malaya black now discontinued.
  12. Lakey

    Black grout recommendation

    Can anyone recommend a black or dark grout for a garage floor? In my experience some darker grouts can be slightly patchy. Was thinking about giving the Tilemaster Grout 3000 - Charcoal a go as haven't used it before.
  13. Fabio

    Black limestone problems

    Good afternoon guys I need a bit of advice or recommendations of what to do next regarding my black limestone in my garden as it looks like a catastrophe. I was informed by the previous homeowner that the black limestone was on treated and it just naturally faded and was informed by someone...
  14. P

    Black Limestone – Best jointing/mortar product?

    Hello I am looking for the best way to joint Limestone paving after having sealed it. If I were to use a sand and cement mix, I am from various sources and info gleaned, thinking of: A dry mix of 2 dry building sand, 1 cement, plasticiser, SBR (quantity?) and possibly some cement colouring...
  15. P

    Black Limestone – Sealing before jointing

    Hello From this forum I understand that I need to seal before jointing and understand that I need a combined impregnator and sealer. My intention is to colour enhance the stone to get it back to black. I have come down to a choice between 2 products: Romex colour enhancing sealer Miracle 511...
  16. P

    Black Limestone - Cement stain removal

    Hello I have laid black limestone :-( and now have quite bad cement staining. I power washed it which I think has made things worse! Images below. I have not yet done the jointing and on reading this forum know that I need to seal the flags before jointing. However, first I need to remove...
  17. Lakey

    Preparation Damp proofing concrete floor

    I have a concrete floor to tile in a house built in the 1500’s. Can I paint the floor with Black Jack/Synthproof or something similar before Weber SLC? I will be laying Ditra Duo after SLC.
  18. Andy Allen

    Black and white tiles

    Looking at a job tomorrow, they have lino down in this pattern... They want the same pattern but in tiles. Anyone know where you can get these types of tiles, probably Either 150x150 or 100x100.
  19. A

    I'm Looking For This Tile Looking for possibly Johnston tundra range tile in black

    Looking for only 3 black glosstiles which I believe are a Johnston tile which are 400x300 in size. I have sourced some of the white tiles which are Johnston and are named tundra white sculptures gloss ceramic tiles with a code of DMNS1A. But I am looking for the black ones. I will attatch a...
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