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Oct 7, 2019
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DIY Wall and Floor Tiler
Hi all,

Im a DIYer doing a lot of work on an old house we are f restoring.

I have put down a lot of riven slate downstairs and bought a Rubi DW-250 wet saw for it. Its done a great job. Got more slate to do in the bathroom, but also going to have 50m2 or so of porcelain to do.

The question lies in that i have a glass tile splash back and up-stand to do, probably 2m2 in total, using 300x300 tiles but almost every tile will need a straight cut.
So, do i spend the money on a manual cutter, which i could then also use for the Porcelain, or spend the money on a proper 250mm glass diamond blade, just to do the splashback stuff?

These are the tiles im thinking of;
https://www.toppstiles.co.uk/busca/...r&selection.product_colour=Busca™ Bronze Flat

It seems like a decent glass blade or a semi decent manual cutter are both £150 area, but am less willing to spend it on a blade to do such a small job, at least the snap cutter can be used elsewhere and probably to better effect than wet cutting smooth porcelain?

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