Electric UFH Decoupling mat required?

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Howdy. I'm in the middle of a DIY upgrade of a 1st floor shower room, which is around 8m2. So far i have lifted the 22mm chipboard and fully strengthened/screwed on all joins. installed 10mm XPS boards and leveled across a 1500x900 tray former. Electric UFH fitted and just at the weekend there i have embedded the UFH in Mapei SLC. So leaving the SLC to dry for a week or so, i intend to fully tank/tape using the kit supplied with the tray (PCI Lastogum), then tile with 330x330 ceramic floor tiles.

Should i be considering a decoupling matt, or do you think tank and tile will be sufficient?

My first ever use of SLC, and i couldnt have done it without the sound advice on these forums!!

Your advice appreciated.


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No need for uncoupling. Make sure you tank the SLC beyond just the joint of the shower tray.

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