1. D

    I'm Looking For This Tile Carrara 800x800 white marble polished.

    looking for these tiles I picked up from tile mountain a couple of years back, need 10 more. Anyone seen or come across these elsewhere ? Thanks
  2. G

    I'm Looking For This Tile Johnson Modern Ivory Polished 600x600

    I'm looking for two (or more) of the above discontinued tiles (code: MDN01P) for a repair. Cheers
  3. M

    Issue picking grout for my polished san dona marble hex shower floor

    Hello everyone I have a question I have installed hex polished marble san dona tile in my shower floor and 3x6 on the walls. I'm not sure what to use on the floor for grout sanded or un sanded.... I have ~1/8 joints. Thanks for the input
  4. P

    I'm Looking For This Tile White polished porcelain

    White polished porcelain floor tile sold by Homebase in 2015, 300 x 600 mm
  5. R

    I'm Looking For This Tile Porcelanosa ceranco cube polished 30x30

    Hi im trying to find 12 Porcelanosa ceranco cube polished floor tile hope someone can help
  6. J

    Discontinued Carrara HQ 60x60 White Polished porcelain tlies

    Looking for Carrara HQ 60x60 White Polished porcelain tiles (discontinued) around 60/70 Square m. If anyone can help locate/ has in stock?
  7. M

    Glazed polished porcelain need sealing?

    Hi all. I have Wickes Olympia Grey Sandstone tiles. On the box they are described as "Glazed Polished Porcelain" I have searched widely on T'net. General opinion is that glazed porcelain doesn't need sealing, but that polished porcelain does due to the polishing process opening micro pores...
  8. G

    Polished glaze porcelain scratches

    Just layed some polished glazed porcelain in my kitchen in the spotlight reflection u can see loads of little scrates swirls in the reflection cannot feel them in the tile is there anything I can put on to help this they doesn’t fill me with much confidence that they will last
  9. G

    200 mts 20mm semi polished sandstone advice please

    hi, i am a virtually retired tiler (58), legs back hips etc etc. a friend carpenter (65) has been renovating his attached barn for around 5 years (still works full time) he has asked me to help him lay 200 mts, 20mm thick, all 500mm x 1.00mt, 900mm, 850mm down to 600mm but all @500mm one edge...
  10. H573

    Polished Concrete Floor Prep Advice Needed

    Hi Everyone, hope all’s well. I’ve been asked to tile a polished concrete floor, approximately 80 m2 , floor is in decent condition was laid last year, what’s beat prep wise? I can’t get ditra matt or anything like that here. Thanks
  11. K

    YT 6002 CP Glacier Ash Grey 600mm x 600mm polished porcelain tile

    Hi Im after a couple of boxes (3 tiles per box) of the following tiles; YT 6002 CP Glacier Ash grey polished porcelain 600mm x 600mm can any one help?
  12. M

    Polished Poreclain tiles - possibly etch damaged? Can they be polished?

    We moved into a new build property about a year ago. Entire ground floor is fitted with Johnson Parade White Polished porcelain floor tiles. There are some marks on the tiles which can only be seen in certain light and angles. I believe they have been caused by the protective plastic which...
  13. C

    Polished Porcelain

    Good Morning, https://www.wickes.co.uk/Wickes-Norton-Ivory-Porcelain-Wall+Floor-Tile-600-x-300mm/p/152423# Has any one any experience of these tiles from Wickes and are they any good on a kitchen floor. It does not give a PEI rating for these polished porcelain tiles but they have a similar...
  14. P

    Polished off white tiles. Not happy with grout

    Hi, purchased some off white polished porcelain tiles. I wanted grout to match them as close as possible. Tiler has used mapei Jasmine but it looks like a yellow colour against the tiles. Do you have any recommendations to an alternative grout that would be a better match? Thanks 1579212198
  15. D

    looking for a discontinued tile 12x24 tile crest runway ebony polished

    limm looking for 12x24 tile crest Runway Ebony Polished
  16. S

    I'm Looking For This Tile Desperately needGlacier ivory polished porcelain

    Hi urgently looking for minimum 8 Glacier Ivory polished porcelain tiles 600 x 600 old b&q code yt 6002. Please can anyone help urgently? Thanks sandy
  17. craigy

    Large format rectified polished porcelain with no Grout in a shower?

    I am a non pro who has been asked to set some large tiles on a shower wall tight. is that recommended?
  18. D

    Polished porcelain fine scratch removal

    Following repair of a chip in white polished porcelain tile, I have found that the small area that was rubbed down has dulled slightly and has very fine scratches, only really visible under certain lights and angle. Is there any way of removing the scratches and bringing back the shine to the...
  19. H

    I'm Looking For This Tile Glacier Ivory Polished Porcelain tile

    Glacier Ivory polished Porcelain floor tile 600 x 600 mm YT 6002 BP from B&Q Does anyone have minimum 15sq meters a just extended kitchen
  20. T

    I'm Looking For This Tile Polished porcelain Tile

    Hi I've been trying to locate a certain tile I had laid in my dining room ,its 600 x 600 polished porcelain the shop I purchased from closed down Euro tile... I have a couple of spare boxes but nowhere what I need to complete an extension floor so it just flows through ,the info on the boxes...
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