liquid screed

  1. A

    Latency removal from liquid screed.

    Hi all. The company who laid my screed offer a sanding service but they said the sander doesn’t have a built in vacuum. As this house is lived in and I’m already getting agro off the Mrs, I need the sanding to be the least messy as possible. I’ve seen some images of machines that look like they...
  2. G

    Natural Stone Limestone over Gyvlon Thermio screed with wet UFH questions

    I was impressed with some of the technical understanding in this forum so wanted to put my question here. The plan is to put limestone tiles into my kitchen. The project is a large renovation and I dont have some of the major pressures as we do not live in this house during the project. Some...
  3. judge

    Cement based liquid screed

    Evening all,does anyone know the % reading you need to tile onto cement liquid screed using a hair hygrometer ? Virtually all my floors in the near future are going to be cement based.this is probably aimed at Alan jackson(are you out there pal??)
  4. F

    Water UFH Cemfloor liquid screed with heating

    I thought I would put this on as these screeds are becoming increasingly popular and there seems to be incorrect advice been given by the screeders. Pumped in, rapid drying cement based screed with underfloor heating which they claim you can tile on directly after 7 days and you don’t need to...
  5. Balloo

    Cement based liquid screed

    Has anyone worked with cement based liquid screed im not talking about calcium hydrate form , Ive been told they may need to be sanded ?
  6. M

    Extension floor tiles

    Hello fellas, New to this forum thought I'd get some opinions on my method as I've never dealt with tiling over gypsum liquid screed. I also have wet underfloor heating over 40m2. The screed was laid 4 weeks ago after 9 days I sanded the laitence off and primed with Weber. My plan is to use...
  7. T

    New Cemfloor Liquid Screed

    Hi There, Just wondering if anybody has had any experience tiling onto cemfloor liquid screed. The screeder is telling me that its a new cement based screed and that it doesn't need to be sanded or primed before putting the tile down? The surface is smooth and rock solid but I've always sanded...
  8. L

    Piped ufh in liquid screed question

    In a new build with ufh and liquid screed throughout, I have two bathrooms to tile. First bathroom is straightforward enough and have primed and laid ditra mat. The second is to be converted to a wetroom as the buyer of the property is disabled. Was going to build a frame on the level part of...
  9. Lakey

    Liquid screed

    Evening all Can anyone recommend a liquid screed supplier in Sussex for a job I'm on. It's not being tiled just engineered flooring laid. Any help appreciated. Cheers
  10. S

    Preparation Measuring Screed Humidity

    I have posted on here a while back about my undefloor heating project. I now finally have a floor again :) I have had a liquid screed laid, Gylvon Thermio+ at a minumum thickness of 36mm and a maximum of 52mm, average was 48mm. Video of it going down here screed.mp4 -...
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