1. B

    Husqvarna TS-230F running noisy

    My Husqvarna TS-230F wet saw has suddenly started being a lot more noisy when running - could it be bearing nose on the motor? Has anyone else noticed this? Cheers
  2. D

    Husqvarna Ts 230

    Hi All I’m new to this forum and this is my first post I’m toying with the idea of buying a husqvarna Ts 230 wetsaw for mostly domestic bathrooms I think the attraction for me is the parallel guide system it has although the saw is not the cheapest I have a DeWalt DS 2400 which I use on occasion...
  3. R

    Husqvarna ts230 or Dewalt 24000

    Hi guys. Got a job to do which is going to require mitering 800 x 150 legato tiles from Topps. It's for a mate. do i do the mitres? I've been looking to get a decent wet saw and was looking at the dewalt but it will only cut 600mm....alternatively there's the husky ts230 which I...
  4. L

    Husquvarna TS230 blade

    Im taking on a kitchen floor tiling job next weekend and have bought a Husquvarna TS230 on EBay for £125, I think that was a good price. I want to order a new blade for cutting Wickes 11mm floor tiles but I don't know the blade specs for the machine. Does anybody have a recommendation based on...
  5. D

    Husqvarna Ts 230 F Video Review By Tradetiler

    Have made a video review of the Husqvana TS 230 F for you - Not very in depth for the pro user but gives the newbies an idea of what to expect Full details and pricing ans specification on our Tradetiler web site here: Husqvarna TS 230 F Wet Saw / Tile Cutter- In stock for UK next day delivery
  6. H

    Rubi Rubi Nd200, Husqvarna Ts230f Or Flexovit Tt200em

    I need a better table top saw and so wonder if any of you are using any of the above? They all are similar in terms of being 800 watt plus with good tables etc but the Flexovit is £200 cheaper and comes in a box which I like. I reckon with a Marcrist blade it would be great - but do current...
  7. dave09

    Rubi Husqvarna & Rubi

    Evening all Just want to say after purchasing a new wet cutter, which was a husqvarna t230 how impressed I am, have since purchased and fitted a DNA blade, Which, after a little time to wear in,it cuts perfectly. Also I also purchased a new rubi Tx 700, again nice bit of kit. Dave
  8. Dan

    Swear just seen Husqvarna cutters on M5

    Swear I've just passed Husqvarna cutter rep on M5. Do they do other stuff as well? Is this the right logo?
  9. S

    Husqvarna ts 230 f wet saw

    Been looking at getting a nice compact wet cutter and seen this on tradetiler and was wondering if anyone has 1? It's quite pricey but if it's a good machine then I don't mind spending.
  10. P

    Rubi nd200 or Husqvarna 230f ?

    Thinking about getting rid of my Dwalt wet saw, and replacing it with a rubi ND 200 or husqvarna 230F, although the dewalt is a good saw, i find it heavy to lug around. If any one use's these smaller saws, could you let me know how they perform. Thanks.
  11. O

    Husqvarna's D605 Vacuum Brazed Dry/Wet Diamond Tile Drills

    Hi Guys, Has anyone had any experience using the D605 range of vacuum brazed diamond tile drills with the hexagonal back ends from Husqvarna. It would be great to get some hands on feedback on them. Especially a comparison to these and the Marcrist PG750X drills would be brilliant is anyone has...
  12. W

    Husqvarna TC670

    Hi all, I am selling my Husqvarna TC670 It is in a good condition with all bits. I want £50. PM me if interested. Wivers
  13. W

    Ebay- Husqvarna TR730 R bridge cutter

    Husqvarna professional wet tile saw TS73R 110V | eBay Would'nt pay £525, there's another website that sells it for £540 new including delivery.
  14. W

    Husqvarna Tile Cutter TC470

    Hi does anyone know if Rubi cutters will fit my Husqvarna tile machine? Could do with a new wheel today and don't want to wait for mail if I don't have to. I understand the Husqvarna tile cutters are now discontinued.
  15. W

    Wanted - Husqvarna TC670

    Wanted - Husqvarna TC670?
  16. W

    Husqvarna or Rubi Cutter?

    Husqvarna TC670 or Rubi TS-50 plus?
  17. A

    Husqvarna Tile Cutters

    Has anyone heard of or had any experience of using these cutters, Im looking to buy a new cutter that can do up to 700mm and have come across these at yorkshire tiling tools. videos they have on site look the part but would apprieciate some feedback from end users rather than sales !!! cheers...
  18. D

    Husqvarna TC670 problem

    Ive noticed that some cuts i make using my Husqvarna TC670 cutter are leaving a slightly rough or jagged edge where they have been scored and cut and am wondering if this is normal or if its me, also occasionally when i snap a tile the snapping bar that comes down on to the tile in order to snap...
  19. D

    Has anyone got or used a Husqvarna TC670 ?

    I am thinking of buying a bigger tile cutter than the rubi Star-50 I already have, I was thinking of Rubi TR -600 (225 at screwfix) but I like the look of the Husqvarna TC670 with slighty better spec !!! at 160quids any advice would be appreciated cheers Dean
  20. N

    husqvarna 670

    hi all.has anyone got any info on the husqvarna 670 cheers! NIGE
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