1. Dan

    The Importance of Not Buying Cheap Tiling Tools - Pro Tiling Tools

    The Importance of Not Buying Cheap Tiling Tools - Pro Tiling Tools The Importance of Not Buying Cheap Tiling Tools Tiling is a popular home improvement project that can add value and aesthetic appeal to any space. Whether you’re renovating your kitchen, bathroom, or any other area, quality...
  2. A

    Cracking tiles when cutting 600mm Cheap cutter??

    Hi everyone. Tiling my bathroom first time and going well so far! 600x300 ceramics on walls and plan 600x600 porc on floor. I’ve borrowed a QEP Big Clinker and it’s cut 300mm fine so far, no failed cuts out of about 8-9 I’ve done. HOWEVER I tried to cut long ways 600mm and tiles kept cracking...
  3. R

    Hole cutters cheap supplier

    Whats the go 2 place for porcelain cutting cheap hole cutters and whats the top make currently so i can build up a collection. I use to richon years ago but not sure if theirs a better place thanks.
  4. Dan

    Rubi Nicobond gear and Rubi stuff with super prices at trade events with Nicobond Check October dates. Some offers on Nicobond gear and on the day crazy prices for Rubi gear. Booking details available on the calendar. If you RSVP on the calendar, make sure you email via the form in the description too. @Nicobond...
  5. JordanLincs

    Cheap self leveling kit?

    A job coming up I'm would like to use a self leveling kit. I'm wondering if the cheap Amazon ones are any good or can anyone recommend one? I'll be tiling large format porcelain on walls
  6. M

    Why Are Tiles So Cheap?

    I was wandering around one of my local tile shops today, I wasn't looking for tiles (looking for a drain seal kit) and because I wasn't under pressure to buy tiles it was quite a relaxing experience to stroll around just checking out the tiles on display. It occured to me how cheap the tiles...
  7. P

    Montolit MONTOLIT STL 100GF

    Not sure if this is allowed, but; there are a few going quite cheap on eBay at the moment.
  8. F

    I'm sooooooooo cheap.

    My old Bosch laser and pole are now after serving well, on the blink. So been looking out for a cheap replacement as I don't use it very often. The Stanley cube was favourite until I found this. Workzone Cross Line Laser Level -...
  9. T

    Kitchen floor in cheap BQ Tiles

    Got a call last week - ‘John I’am at BQ can you pop up and choose some tiles for my kitchen floor, I’am away to China for a couple of months and want you to do it while I’am away’! Showed him a picture of previous job and ‘ yes! that will do’! Hardie boards fitted to bring it up to height of...
  10. B

    It’s cheap tools Friday

    Picked up a 900mm box level for £3.00 today in Homebase! Okay it’s not all singing all dancing but just leaning it on a wall makes everyone think you know what you’re doing and even if I hammer in the screws the joiner has left proud on wall I still get my money for it back from the scrappy...
  11. Dan

    Cheap roller toolbox for the van?

    Just found this on fleebay FoxHunter Plastic Mobile Roller Work Shop Chest Trolley Storage Tool Box Toolbox | eBay -...
  12. N

    Cheap tile adhesive down under

    I know this product is unlikely to turn up in the UK anytime soon, but wanted other tilers take on it. I was offered adhesive to buy (C1TES1) and it was almost half the price of Mapei equivalent. I read the datasheets and found some fairly poor spelling and the incorrect use of < & > signs...
  13. O

    For Sale self leveller. 21x25kg dirt cheap

    Customer I'm working for has 21 bags of flexible leveller. Excess to the job. it's loPro and suitable for 30mm in one pour. I've used 3 pallets and it's OK. Not as good as levelmax etc but ok. It does the job. Pics attached. Asking 150 the lot. So that's 7quid a bag for 25kg bags. Needs...
  14. Dan

    Tile Levelling Systems in Bulk - Cheap Tile Levelling Systems

    Everybody seems to be selling tile levelling systems these days. So I thought I'd have a quick look on one of the websites I use to by tat from. They do actually do some good stuff amongst the crap. It's worth digging through. You can often get samples sent over FOC if you have an account that...
  15. O

    One day only, cheap table top cutter. 15/2/2017

    For one day only screwfix are selling a 240v 750w table top cutter. Is it any good?........I've no idea! Thought posting it might appeal to someone. Erbauer ERB337TCB 750W Tile Cutter 230V -...
  16. T

    Recommend a good cheap tile cutter (dry) / Laser level

    I Know good and cheap don't really go together but I thought I'd ask anyway. Looking at spending about £100 on each, so any ideas ? Will be using the tile cutter mainly on 600 x 300 Ceramic and Porcelain. I need the level for marking out floor and wall tiles... Ta
  17. J

    Cheap ceramic tiles. Do they differ in size???

    Hi, newbie posting for first time. If been tiling for 2 years now mainly on site with 300x600 ceramic wall tiles and 600x600 porcelain floor tiles from porcelanosa. Never have any problems. On the weekend I took on a private job where tiles were supplied. Cheap ceramic wall tiles from wickes...
  18. W

    Is this cheap Vitrex Tile saw any good?

    Vitrex 113402NDE 450W Torque Master Tile Saw 240V - http://www.NoLinksToThis/p/vitrex-113402nde-450w-torque-master-tile-saw-240v/60888 ( £35 at argos ). Need it for about 10 ceramic tiles and about 20 travertine tiles, and that's probably all the use it will ever see. I wasted almost a whole...
  19. F

    Cheap decent grinding cup

    anyone recommend one? Got a couple of jobs which require some floor grinding here and there, seems like every job come to think of it!
  20. A

    Bostik Vitriflex Grey rsf

    Laid a floor using this adhesive on Thursday. You see, I have never been impressed with bostik tiling materials, then on Wednesday, last mad rush to stock before starting new job the next day. Popped into CTD at ten to five, and the manager talked me into this. Apparently its dead cheap (cannot...
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