Bäl is a populated area, a socken (not to be confused with parish), on the Swedish island of Gotland. It comprises the same area as the administrative Bäl District, established on 1 January 2016.

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  1. R

    Grouts bal or mapei?

    Hi, I am going to be grouting my bathroom & shower enclosure and am looking between Mapei and Bal grouts... is one any better than the other? Thanks
  2. L

    Bal green screed/Bal new floor adhesive

    Hi ya, can anyone tell me the difference between Bal Green Screed Addy and Bal New Floor Addy, thanks.
  3. Dan

    BAL External Tiling Range

    I received an email about BAL External tile adhesive and grout this morning and thought I'd post it to our tiling news area of the forum because there isn't much actual tiling news in here. But if you're looking for workwear you're on a winner. :D :D (no offence to our awesome sponsor...
  4. M

    Bal bond apd, plasterboard adhesive

    Hi all I apreciate its not a tiling topic so thought i would stick it here. I have nearly a full bottle of bal apd primer left over from doing my bathroom. I have got to bond a sheet of plasterboard to a brick wall using plasterboard adhesive. I have cleaned the brickwork as best as i can...
  5. C

    Pictures Advice for Tile adhesion concerns in bathroom - BAL White Star tubbed adhesive

    We have our bathroom renovated and contracted an experienced tiler to do the tiling job. We removed 2 of the tiles after more than 48 hours as they had misaligned corners. We noticed there seem to be limited area were the tile BAL ready mixed adhesive has actually bonded to the green...
  6. P

    Bal waterproofing kit?

    Good Morning, with the bal waterproofing kit, you do the following: prime with apd apply waterproof coating apply polyester tape apply waterproof coating my question is, if the tape is just held on by the waterproof coating which feels like a silicone, then why don’t the weight of the tiles...
  7. A

    Bal APD primer not doing its job on Marmox and Impey waterguard

    My first big tiling job. It's a wet room and I'm at the stage where I have Marmox boards on floor and walls and an Impey former. I'm just about to put down the Impey Waterguard membrane and the instructions specify priming with the supplied Bal APD primer. I tested the BAL primer inadvertently...
  8. P

    Using BAL Flexbone

    Hi all....hope everyone keeping safe. I have a floor to tile in the next few weeks once the commissioning has completed its cycle. Customer has purchased BAL flexbone which I have never used although I use other decoupling mats that are bonded to the floor. What size and style of trowel do you...
  9. Dave

    Adhesive Bal Allstar adhesive.

    Watched a video on this. Anybody used it ? Thoughts ? View:
  10. T

    Adhesive Bal Grout vs Bal Microflex

    Hi All, Has anyone had experience with Bal Microflex (in white) drying patchy? My tiler has suggested Bal Grout, after a patchy experience with micromax/2 (i think). Hes been very helpful and is experienced however we like the idea something with anti mould properties. Have have read up about...
  11. I

    Bal Regal grout

    I've had my bathroom and wet rooms done using Bal Regal grout. (Ash grey) Its patchy and inconsistant in colour. It's supposed to be resistant to efflorescence, but that's how it looks. Has anyone encountered issues with this grout? The fitter insists that it was mixed correctly and Bal have...
  12. H

    For Sale BAL RAPID MAT

    I have 2 brand new 30m rolls of BAL rapid tile mat. I contacted a few places and they sell for £250 each trade. I'm looking for £100 each . Based in ls27 leeds
  13. H

    Bal rapid mat

    Hi, does anybody use Bal rapid mat. And is it any good? Thanks
  14. Steve doc

    BAL flexbone what's it like to work with?

    I've got a ground floor of 160 MTRS to price and it's just been screeded and it has UFH I suggested ditra but the owner wants BAL flexbone , I've never used it and I'm a bit nervous as it's such a big area the tiles are big standard 600x600x10 porcelain.
  15. Tom TGH Tiling

    Bal Quickset Render

    Hi everyone, I'm struggling to get hold of Bal Quickset Render, I got told by Tops that I could pick some up from Great Yarmouth.... I'm in Leeds. Does anyone know a similar product that could patch up and level a wall and be ready to tile onto in a couple of hours? Or other stores in Leeds...
  16. Dan

    BAL Training Courses for Feb - Free for YOU+BAL users

    Just had this email and thought it'd be handy for BAL users perhaps. :) Up your game with BAL training Spaces Available on our February Courses At BAL we believe that quality workmanship is just as important as high quality products, which is why...
  17. R

    My 1st Job What’s the right grout to use????

    I’d like to tile my bathroom, including shower area, and my kitchen, including splash back area, with white metro tiles. My wife wants white grouting. I’ve been recommended Bal Micromax 2 grout but I’m not sure cement based grout is a) right for the bathroom walls (and floor) or for the...
  18. Lou

    BAL Global Ceramic Tiling Ltd - Tilers in Hampshire

    Lou submitted a new resource: Global Ceramic Tiling Ltd - Tilers in Hampshire - Hampshire Tilers - Global Ceramic Tiling Ltd Read more about this resource...
  19. O

    BAL BAL Board under shower tray

    Hello! New to the forum and my first post on this after doing a bit of searching. I'd be interested to know your thoughts/experience of fitting BAL Board or Hardiebacker under the shower tray. The reason I ask is that with the build-up i'm looking at, if I installed the shower tray on the ply...
  20. T

    BAL Football thread - 2019/2020 season.

    It’s here! For those who are interested the new football season has started. State your club and watch their season progress. From Premier league to ..... Sunday morning park games - whatever you follow. Let’s go....
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