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uHeat and TilersForums.com go Way Back - And Continue to Partner-up to Bring You Savings on Electric and Water Underfloor Heating​

Quite some time ago the founder of TilersForums.com ran a tiling training centre in Staffordshire, and sold electric underfloor heating there, mainly to the course delegates once leaving the courses. A split of the company occurred and Dan took the underfloor heating side, and left the tiling courses behind.

As electric underfloor heating was still new, it was early noughties and tiling to wood was only carried out by the daring and experienced, electric under tiles?! - People were unsure. The couple of big brands that were in the tile sheds were charging a fortune retail, and giving no incentives to the tilers to encourage it being installed in customers homes.

Some websites were being built and optimised for the sales of electric underfloor heating online, and Dan was one of them. A chance to actually compete with the likes of B&Q and Topps Tiles in the search engines - awesome.

Just needed to make sure the product was of high quality, and of a good price, and Elektra underfloor heating (already a big brand in Poland) was coming into the country via Felixstowe docks and was being sold by Peter Richardson, a partner in an already established electrical engineering company that had been around for decades.

A gentleman's handshake was done and right there and then, after a long drive from Staffordshire to Felixstowe for dinner, then back again for supper, the partnership that is still strong to this very day was born.

We now know these websites and brands as TilersForums.com, the UK's Tile Advice Forum. And uHeat.co.uk, The UK's Underfloor Heating Specialist.

We have a couple of uHeat staff on the forum, one being @Uheat - Jacob who will be taking the reins on the forums so please do contact him directly via the forum or their website. Checkout the dedicated underfloor heating forum here if you have general questions about electric underfloor heating and the forum members will chip in with the advice along with uHeat staff as and when they're around.

A massive thanks from me on behalf of the forums for being our sponsor. You've helped keep this forum free to use for tens of thousands of people over the last 16 years.

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