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Ladies & Gents,

My son has been offered an interview for a tiling apprenticeship, its 4 yrs and the college is in Glasgow on block release, working with a 1 man band who has lots of work & good reputation.

My questions are if you would be so kind:
1) what can he comfortably earn thru years 1-4 as an apprentice.
2) what kind of day rate can he earn once qualified as a tiler.
3) what is the best route to go down to earn the best money.

Would be very grateful to hear your experience & advice please.

Many thanks in Advance.


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1, Whatever he's being paid as an apprentice.
2, Depends where he is in the country and what level of quality he's capable of.
3, Experience can't be rushed. Money follows reputation and quality.


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I agree, but it’s a lot more than I got when I started.
£40 a week for my first year, £70 a week second year and £150 a week third year.
Didn’t earn a full wage until the end of my 5th year.


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Apprentice wages are always rubbish . But you are investing in the future . You could probably get him a job that pays more but he will probably be earning the same at that job in ten years time as he would be now .


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A decent employer would pay more than the minimum if he warranted it.
I would after a little trial period.