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Use TilersForums.com to Advertise Your Tile-related Company

Pretty much all of our services on the forum are free of charge to most companies. View more information below the table. :)

Type of AdvertisingCost
Tiler Adding to Tile DirectoryFree of charge!
Company Support AccountFree of charge!
Press ReleasesFree of charge!
Calendar Submissions (Event Dates)Free of charge!
Company Supplying Products / ServicesEnquire within :)

Tilers Adding to their Business to the Tilers Directory
This is free of charge. We don't charge a wall and floor tiler a single thing for any of the services we provide them via the forum. That's who we're here for. :D
How: Register for your free forum account, and click here to find the county you want your tiling business listed under *You will need to use the Categories / Navigation menu to find the county you want to submit to before you find the 'Add Resource' button.
Tiler - How to rank your listing well and get calls coming from it - https://www.tilersforums.com/addtodirectory/ - Learn how to add your listing here.

Company Support Account
If a company, such as a manufacturer of adhesives or tiles etc, is genuinely here just to answer questions about their products. And to join in discussion as a person within the industry, and isn't here to gain sales or 'free plugs', then we don't mind them being marked as an official company support account. So they're not in the woodwork and everything is above board information-wise. These accounts are free. But please don't pretend to be a tiler, and push a brand that you actually sell or own.
How: Register for a free forum account, and contact one of the staff to get it marked as a support account.

Press Releases and Marketing Information

We don't mind companies from within the tile industry submitting their press releases or marketing information to our forum. We consider all submissions, a marketing person can sign up for a free forum account and submit their news to us in a special area of the forum where they only see their own 'posts' (news submissions).
How: Register for a free account, and create a new 'thread' in this forum: Submit Press Release / News

Add Calendar Dates to the Tile Calendar
Any company can sign up to the forum for free, and add their important dates to our calendar for free. Dates such as award ceremonies, training days, tile shows and that kind of stuff is perfect for the calendar. Clearly these events need to be open to any tiler. And please provide details in the calendar regarding the event location, the costs, the benefits, any marketing information or leaflets can be uploaded and attached as a PDF so people can download them etc.
How: Sign up for a free account and click Submit Event in our calendar: Calendar Submission Page

Company Supplying Products and / or Services Actually to the Tiler
This is the only type of situation where we require contributions towards the running costs of the forum. We are the busiest tile advice website online, have more independent tilers than TTA by a factor of 100 (68 : 6,500+). Our content is forever growing. Advertise with us via our sponsorship scheme by contacting us, or add our domain name (tilersforums.com) to your Google Analytics account and pay-per-click.
How: Contact us for more information and website statistics
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