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1800 Piece Ceramic Mosaic Covers Entire Fashion Store Front in Miami.​


Fashion store Cult Gaia have opened a new store in Miami recently and the store front its self has been transformed into a ceramic work of art. Over 1800 ceramic tiles have been used to complete the beautiful frontage.​

The impressive artwork is by artist Michael Chandler and each tile has been painstakingly hand painted before being fixed to the store front. A whimsical mural, full of vegetation, birds and of course The Tree Of Life from which the artwork takes its title.


The colours and images depicted are inspired by the Persian heritage of one of the designers Jasmine Larian Hekmat and do give off a temple feel. Inside the store is just as much as an art installation as it is a store, with domes and skylights completing the feel of the ancient temples.

You can visit the website for Cult Gaia here.


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Wow that really is smart! Zoom in on the pic there is a load of detail in the work!


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Yeah I thought I would share as it looks quite impressive! Not sure how long it took!

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