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Tilers Community

Tilers Community

Checkout the Tilers Community here for free tiling advice and a place to find a local skilled tiler. Tilers Community for Tile Advice Tilers Forums is the Original Tilers Community, starting out in 2006 with just a few tilers, it’s now a huge tilers friendly community. And because it’s not on Facebook, you know it […]


Find Local Tile Fixers on started out in April 2006 using 40+ tile fixers from in the UK tile industry. We now have thousands of fixers from all across the UK, and you can find local ones using the forum for free! Click here to post a job to the forum. Latest 20 […]

123 Year Old Johnson Tiles Factory to Close Down Causing 110 Job Losses

Johnson Tiles Closes Down

123 Year Old Johnson Tiles Factory to Close Down Causing 110 Job Losses in Stoke On Trent’s Once Thriving Ceramics and Pottery Industries In the heart of one of Stoke on Trent’s 5 Towns, Tunstall, lies Johnson-Tiles. The designer, manufacturer and supplier of high-end ceramic and porcelain tile. Established in 1901 Johnson Tiles are one […]

National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA) Announces Itinerary for Coverings 2024

The National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA) has announced its itinerary for Coverings 2024, April 22 to 25 at booth 7914 Live DemonstrationsThe NTCA training team will conduct live demonstrations of cutting-edge tile installation techniques, showcasing the latest tools and technologies to enhance efficiency and quality on the Installation Innovation Stage, space C7863, with demos conducted […]

Kitchen Tiling Guide

 This simple Kitchen Tiling Guide is something a lot of people could have done with finding before attempting to tile their kitchen walls or floor. Hi. Hope you can help me with a few things. I’m new to tiling and to save myself some money I’m planning to tile a kitchen splash back with light […]

Wall Tiling Guide

Tiling walls is a popular and practical way to enhance the appearance of various spaces in your home, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and even living areas. Tiling is a DIY-friendly project if you have the right tools and follow the correct steps. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to tile walls: Materials and Tools You’ll […]

Floor Tiling Guide

Here’s our simple floor tiling guide. This guide is for beginners and doesn’t include everything you would need to know to tile floors in all circumstances. But it’s a good start. Then once you have read the guide, should you have any questions you can visit the forum and start a new thread. Floor Tiling […]