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I have just grouted the Brazilian slate tiles and it was a disaster. The grout dried instantly on the tile surface and I had to scrub it off. I sealed the tiles first as follow;
I washed the slates 3 times and let dry for a day before applying matstone tile sealer, 2 coats with clean cloths and all was fine.
I buffed the sealer as the instructions and left for 3 days before starting to grout
please help me
Hi Jake
Do you have any more brochures on your products you could send me please
UK Pro Tiling Training
Eeeeerm - What's that new tag you have there all about mate?
Anything to do with this thing I've heard about lately?
Oh no. We've stopped counting posts in general chat forum so your count has changed. You need a couple of dozen likes
I understand no problem, its just I know a rather shameless contractor working in Blackheath so I dont wont to stumble in on that one. I could call out and have a look over it if you like.
Hi. How much did you pay for the tiling?
Bathroom shop job. Basically termed a 'mixed contract' Bathroom fitter (JDC plumbing and tiling) Joe Williams paid just over 3 grand to fit the bathroom and do the tiling. Overall cost comes to £10500 notes. Expensive compared to BandQ etc... but we paid for high end stuff and high end fitting and tiling. What we have got is high end stuff, exptremely low end fitting and tiling.
You might want to upload a bigger version of your logo for your avatar because that one looks rubbish and bluured now.
Seen some very poor tiling today from a so called tiler do we get the crap out of our industry ? Maybe a name and shame page?
That's just asking for trouble lol
Hi, we can help wit your job if you still need please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you, Ed
Alright mate, I have done an intensive 2 week course at UK Pro Tiling last year. Looking to gain some experience and learn from a Pro. Let me know if you need a hand anytime. Cheers
Hi Jake, any updates on the guides before i give warm up a ring, thought i would come to you first
Darren UK Pro Tiling Training
Uheat - Jake
Uheat - Jake
Hello Darren,

I sent an email off to you last week asking for a little more information.

If you haven't got this let me know and I'll resend it to you.


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