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Tiling Standards – British Tiling Standards Download and Information

Tiling Standards – British Tiling Standards Download and Information

  1. Tiling Standards – British Tiling Standards Download and Information
    …Tiling Standards And Certification – https://www.tilersforums.com/threads/tilingstandardsand-certification.76345British standards – https://www.tilersforums.com/threads/britishstandards.13064/ british standards? – https://www.tilersforums.com/threads/britishstandards.126/ Tiling books /…
  2. Where is the thread to access British Standards for free these days?

    I thought there was a new thread in the Tilers Arms that explains how to access the british standards for free now? I have a copy of it somewhere, but I wanted other forums of ours to have access to them too. So trying to create a thread in their arms. Can…
  3. Bought a cordless grinder, but what way to cut?

    Maybe bal will invent a way to use a grinder then it will british standard grinder technique
  4. british standards
    New way to access british standards in wall and floor tiling: https://www.tilersforums.com/threads/where-is-the-thread-to-accessbritishstandardsfor-free-these-days.89724/
  5. BS 5385 Part 1: 2018 – Tiling Standards

    CHANGES TO BRITISH STANDARDS Trimline Group address changes to British Standard 5385-1 Wall and Floor Tiling. As part of the five-year review of British Standards and reflecting changes within the tiling industry – BS 5385 Part 1: 2018 has now been published. It includes several important…
  6. TTA and British Standards.
    New way to access British Standards in wall and floor tiling: https://www.tilersforums.com/threads/where-is-the-thread-to-accessbritishstandardsfor-free-these-days.89724/ Access-only. KNOWLEDGE IS FREE! 😀
  7. Thin Porcelain Ultra thin porcelain tiles de bonding

    A report is judged by standards set out by British standards . Now what we have to bear in mind that when building a house your local building control doesn’t ask to see your shower after it is tanked and before it is tiled for building regs therefore british standards isn’t even buildings regs…
  8. Is there an Alternative to The Tile Association (TTA)? (Unless you are with an association, you can’t now tile to British Standards!!!!!)
    I’m not sure. So I’m reading it, it’s quoted everywhere, here is Able Skills quoting it too: Changes to British Tiling Standards – https://www.ableskills.co.uk/blog/changesbritish-tiling-standards/ Trimline I originally quoted it. So it’s a press release by TTA perhaps. And they’ve stuck it…
  9. Water UFH Tiling on underfloor heating warm panel

    Do not put ply on top, that would be contrary to British Standards and is likely to fail. To tile directly onto the panels you would need to get a specification direct from an adhesive manufacturer. Try Building Adhesives, Kerakoll, Ardex or Norcros. You might want to prepare yourself for bad news!
  10. I’m joining the tta

    That one doesn’t any more @Dan . Newcastle library knocked them on the head. But can still view for free here: https://libcat.csglasgow.org/web/arena/research-24/7 Just click on British Standards under “Online resources” and boom, you’re in. Easier to view on a desktop or laptop than mobile.
  11. Adhesive bed depth

    What trowel are you using? That controls the adhesive depth. You have to make sure you’re not ‘dot and dabbing’ or building up too much. You want nearly full coverage on the back of the tile on walls. And 100% on floors is the British standard but I dare say not every tile on every floor will…
  12. I’m joining the tta

    Interesting points guys. Which are making me reconsider my position on it. What I really want is a a copy of the new British standards.
  13. Thin Porcelain Ultra thin porcelain tiles de bonding

    I’d hope it isn’t mate. What a sorry position to be in. I’m hoping somebody with some knowledge can help the poor sod fight the TTA report. Wondering what else is in it. If it’s just poor tiling then fair enough. What a shame though. But perhaps it’ll stop some other people from tiling who…
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