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DIY Tiling Advice

We’ve had the DIY Tiling Advice forum for a few years now. Some of the professional tilers were not too pleased about sharing their wealth of knowledge with DIY tilers at first. But they saw the advantages in it. Small kitchen jobs would be done by the DIYer, and the professional tiler who helped them might get a call when they’re looking to tile their bathrooms or whatever.

The DIY tiling advice forum started to get traction, and now it’s posted to all the time. And the best bit, the DIYers actually get replied to.

If a job is just too much for them once they know the full details, it kinda puts them off taking it on themselves. We’ve even had some newer professional tilers realise the size of some jobs, and share their work with some time-served so that they can learn how it’s done properly.

DIY Tiling Gone Wrong

Here is a thread on the forum showing pictures of DIY tiling gone wrong, and rogue traders who think they can tile and / or are just out to rip off customers.

The amount of DIYers that want to rip out their bathroom and retile and assume it’s just a case of buying some tubbed adhesive and whack the tiles on is alarming to the pro tiler. But clearly the DIYers doesn’t realise that they first need to overboard everything with a tile-backing board and set out the tiling for a few hours if not half a day. Then need the right products which have to be mixed perfectly to work. Often needing to ‘tank’ (waterproof) their shower areas. They can’t just tile over their floorboards. And so on.

DIY Tiling Advice
Dot and dab tiling (don’t do it!) onto floorboards. They didn’t stay down long.

So if you’re looking for DIY tiling advice, checkout
the DIY Tiling Forum. 🙂

It’s free to join, and often we can help get you cheaper products via our sponsors. And of course, if you realise the job is a lot bigger than your time is worth. Find a tiler on the forum for free. (The tiler isn’t free of course 😀 – Just the finding service is!)

I just make the tea.

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