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Finding a Reputable Tiler

These days anybody can create a business page on social media, and look exactly the same to the average person as a reputable tile installer.

How do you find out who is actually a decent time-served wall and floor tile installer with genuine feedback from genuine customers that have genuinely used their service before and been really pleased with the results?

You can’t really. Not on social media or most ‘review sites’. They’re too easily misused. False positive feedback is all over the net these days and its ripe on social media.

I’ve seen a tradesman portraying themselves as a tiler who genuinely received some negative feedback on their genuine facebook page, to only then go and ask their tile-installing friends within their hidden tilers-only facebook group, to go and leave false-positive feedback on their genuine page to alter the total score of their ‘business’.

Leaving behind the genuine negative feedback from a genuine customer who wasn’t happy.

So if said person had a score of 4 out of 5 before the genuine unhappy customer left their 1 out of 5 feedback, with lots of truth-telling detail, said ’tiler’ then went and asked their fellow tile-installing friends to leave false-positive feedback for them on their ‘business’ page so that their now 2 or 3 out of 5 becomes 4 again. And the genuine negative feedback gets buried beneath a wealth of uninformative “this tiler did me good” comments.

Today it’s hard to see what is actually genuine when it comes to ratings and feedback. has over 6,000 registered members. Of which hundreds are professional time-served grey-haired information-sharing tile-installers that have all not only installed tile, but some have contributed to the updates of the tile installation manuals (British Standard in Tiling BS5385).

Although, they’re not changing as quick as the tiling industry is product-wise, but that’s for another blog.

The good thing about finding a tiler on a forum is the fact that you can physically see their advice that they have given other people, often fellow tilers when new products hit the shelves. Or DIYers giving their bathroom a bit of a fresh feel. etc.

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