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We used to have a flooring forum. FlooringAdviceForum.com. The content ended up being swayed by staff who worked close with a flooring assessments company. Which is fair enough when it comes to quality of advice. It’s going to be bang on perhaps and up to spec.

Problem is, DIY got told to ‘get a floor fitter in’. Rather than having advice provided to them.

And many threads ended up just being targeted towards gaining a reputation for the flooring assessments company who knew a moderator on there. And it kinda rendered all the rest of the advice a bit biased and skewed. And that’s the problem when it comes to forum advice. You need to see what’s behind the posts. People who support a forum need to be open, and marked as having a commercial interest. So that their posts are seen as such. Which is all well and fair. But it needs to be open and obvious. Some good deals come from our sponsors of the forum. But there’s no way I’d post a thread on their behalf and pretend “I have genuinely found this tool useful and have one at home” when I don’t.

So, with a view of concentrating on our tiling, electrical, and plumbing forums. Which are all booming. We closed down our plastering forum, and flooring forum.

A DIY floor fitter from a YouTube video. Avoid using the free underlay that comes with the wood. You’ll end up with a bouncy floor unless you’ve first used a self-levelling compound, which will cost more than good underlay anyway so is also pointless.

Both of those trades can be found on our tiling forum. As a direct result of tilers being skilled in floor fitting naturally. And of course they often are a dab hand with a trowel. So plastering becomes a breeze for some.

Although when creating a surface to tile onto, plaster is one of the weakest and most useless processes to carry out – so don’t tile on it if you’ve got a blank canvas to work on, use a backerboard or even just plasterboard on its own which can carry more weight!

Plastered plasterboard = 12kg per square meter
Plasterboard on its own = 32kg per square meter

(Please comment if I have the plastered plasterboard one wrong, 99% sure the plasterboard alone figure is bang on though)

Anyway, both our flooring forum and plasterers forum got closed down. We now direct members to our tiling forum category that is dedicated to floor fitters, and our friends over at PlasterersForum.com (TPF) for plastering advice:-

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  • Dan
  • 2nd October 2019
Am I right with this quote?
Plastered plasterboard = 12kg per square meter
Plasterboard on its own = 32kg per square meter
What's the weight for plastered plasterboard peeps? Remind me please? Might be 20KG is it?