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We closed down our own Plasterers Forum some time ago. We have a few forums online right now, tilers forum, electricians forum, and plumbers forum.

We’ve also just transferred over our flooring forum to tilers forums. That forum was getting fairly quiet and becoming problematic spam-wise. For the sake of the amount of traffic we had going to it, it wasn’t worth hosting and managing it.

That was similar with our Plastering Forum that we launched back in 2007.

The good news is, there is another one. Owned by Danny. And it’s ran well. The members are knowledgeable. They do allow swearing and (in my opinion) thread-killing banter on there. But if you dig through that there is a lot of good advice when it comes to Plastering tips, tricks and advice.

Plasterers Forum
Plasterers Forum (image courtesy of Able Skills Plastering Courses)

The Plasterers Forum also has an area where professional plasterers can find work shared by fellow plasterers.

DIY Plastering Advice? – Not so sure. I think they’d help out if you’re nice. But I think primarily it’s for professional plasterers who do it for a living.

We have some members on TilersForums.com that are also members of Plasterers Forum and they tend to enjoy it over there it seems.

So here’s a plug for them; Visit Plasterers Forum if you’re looking for professional plasterers advice. 🙂

We borrowed the image for this blog from the web. It belongs to Able Skills, who used to be a sponsor of our forums. They provide training for the construction industry, and have been going for as long as we have, I think. So checkout their plastering courses if you’re looking for plastering training.

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