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branching out a bit to do some wood flooring, decking and patios as i keep getting asked if i do these. Tiling will always come first but i would rather fill gaps in the diary with £5/m2 laminate flooring than £0/m2 for sitting on my ass! i am more than capable but i have no idea how much i should be quoting or roughly how much i should be doing in a day!

any help apreciated!


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Try and price it by the day, a big open square room is worth doing by the m2 but a hallway with 6 doors coming off it may take you 2 days and only be 6m2. Treat it as if it were a tiling job but don't go over £10 per m2 or £150 per day I'd say, as its one of those jobs that handy men like to do and will charge a lot less than this.


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Laminate is not worth the hassle at £5 sqm. I know loads of peeps charge that but many of the jobs done at that rate are pants.

Stick to good quality laminate too if you can, I always advise my customers to use quality brands. Quick step is my prefference and it comes with a great range of accesories.

Quick step is a treat to install. Many cheap brands can be a nightmare and their click systems are not very effective.

Wooden floor requires even more consideration and better tools for the job so again charge more.

As above I preffer to base my price on how long I expect the job to take anddont commist to a sq mtr price unless its a larger area e.g. 50sqm plus
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I would like to add too that a wood or laminate floor installed correctly is very similar to that of tiling. Floor must undergo correct prepartion prior to installation e.g.

*Moisture check when required
*leveling of dips greater than a few mm and patch repairs when needed
*damp proof membranes installed (sheet or chemical)
*perimiter gaps of correct size
*correct overlaps at consecutive rows
*etc etc

if your competitior charges £5sqm then, he aint doing the things he should be (like many arrogant tradesmen)

sell yourself and what puts you ahead of the competition and why you need to charge more.

If the customer has £5sqm mtr floor and does want to pay more than that then fair enough, it is the installers choice to make. I wouldnt bother wasting my time though! 'based on my experience'
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