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This is my 1st post so thanks for any advice in advance.
I have a floor to tile through 3 rooms totalling 60mtrs sq - my 1st one this big, with plank effect tiles and through multiple rooms so Im sweating a bit. The tiles are 22cm x 90cm.
would I need expansion gaps aas the runs are more than 5mtrs?
If I put them accross the openings A and B they should not stand out too much. A should not be too tricky if one is needed as the tiles will give me a line to silicone down/ fit a gap strip.
For B, I suppose Id have to fit a threshold strip of tiles at 90degrees ( as in yellow) to make it look deliberate and OK.
Any thoughts and advice would be appreciated.

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Expansion joints to A and E plus round the perimeters (leave gap and put skirting over). Ideally expansion should extend through screed.If expansion joints are already in screed you could also use Kerakoll Green Pro and use silicone on nearest joint.


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Is the floor heated?
What is the substrate, screed or timber?
Separating the sunroom from the dining room from the dinning room would be a good idea regardless.
A heated floor shouldn’t contain bays larger than 40m2 8m x 5m
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Thanks, the floor has underfloor heating and is concrete. Don't know whether screed already has expansion joints.
Do i need to cover the whole floor in the kerakoll matting 1st before tiling?
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