Porcelain White shadows!!!!

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May 6, 2019
Hi people. I thought I’d throw this out to the proper tilers on here for some advice. I’ve put down some porcelain Matt grey tile. I used rocatex semi rapid grey adhesive on there primer with their grout (awful). I’ve tried cleaning them with loads of different cleaners including isopropyl alcohol but have been left with white shadows once they fully dry. Would acidic cleaner burn the tile? Also the second problem is the grout. I was very careful to not over wash it when wet but the colour has faded so much it’s lighter than the light grey grout on the wall tiles. Can anyone recommend a dark grey dye? The tiles said they didn’t need sealing so I didn’t. I’m on with the other bathroom and these have glazed porcelain which has ‘don’t forget to seal’ on the box. I don’t want to keep making the same mistakes any advice?


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