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one of the walls i need to tile is just a bit wider than the width of the tile im using meaning id be left with a tiny strip of tile at one side.


What would you guys do with this?
Mounting the tiles horizontal would be and option but the mrs wants them vertical.

Was thinking i could use two tiles cut just bigger than half and laying them back to back and hide the cut edge on the outside of the corner with a tile trim?

What do you think?


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Have a grout line central on the wall
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And trim the outer cut edge like you proposed, will the tiles not be continuing round the wall to the right?
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Essentially what you said about having two tiles just bigger than a half. Draw a vertical straight line down that wall and have a cut tile to each side of it. using that line as where your grout joint would be. It may use more tiles but will look better


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So, if you used (just over) half a tile to meet the wall on the left, and then just over half a tile to meet the external corner on the right, it'll end up with a grout line down the middle, and you'll be using big cuts instead of a full tile and a little cut.

Setting out for tiling needs to be done way before you stick a tile on. You're meant to know where every tile is going, and what size the cuts will be, before you get the adhesive out really.

No good now I know. lol

@Tony_C I'll look into that for you. You get about 90 minutes I think. Might be less on this forum. I'll stick it on my list to check mate.

Edit: I think three of us posted at the same time then lol Apologies for mine. :)
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Got it. Cheers guys.


No the tiles will not continue around to the right. They will end on the wall shown in the pic. Finished with a trim piece.


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Yeah so that'll look the best I think. You could try using nearly a full tile on the left, and just widen the one on the right then. Being there and moving some cut tiles around to test it might help. (I'm not offering to come by the way there lol! - I mean you doing it!!!)

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