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I want to get a wet UFH installed in my house ( just over the ground floor) - which now has concrete floor and laminate flooring. No extension or anything, just retrofitting wet UFH ( hate my radiators!)
1 - Which UFH to go for ? with screed or without screed, and what difference does it make ? and what do people usually choose ? and how should I choose ? Screed drying takes 2 days ( most of the UFH providers say this !), so then how do i choose ?
2 - I am not sure which company to go for ? wundafloor or nu-heat - prowarm or polypipe ? how to decide ?

any help or pointers, will be great. Thanks a lot guys
Uheat - Jake

Uheat - Jake

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Aug 26, 2016
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Everything really depends on what you want out of your system, the most efficient wet ufh system you can install would be the standard inscreed system on top of a insulation. However for this system you need to have a minimum of 100mm, 50mm insulation and 50mm liquid screed.

If you don't want to dig out your existing floor or if you haven't got the extra height then a Retrofix system would be a suitable option for yourself. There's many different types of retrofix systems out there however the most suitable and efficient for tiles is a Gypsum board system. This board is structurally sound and has no movement in it unlike the Insulation type XPS and EPS Panels which are communally used for Wood Flooring.

If you need any further help with choosing a system, today we've just launched our new system selection tool on our website, which guides you through which systems would be suitable for yourself. System Selection Tool - https://www.uheat.co.uk/system-selection-tool/


Apr 2, 2009
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What overall depth do you have available. 100mm is not always necessary for tiled system.

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