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I've always let members have their account deleted by me if they ask. I used to talk them into staying, I think that's against privacy laws now. As a firm with their details - if they request it, it's done.

You can see where Dave's, Doug's (and I think Bri did it too) posts have all gone by clicking here: Old Post Counts - And why they change - https://www.tilersforums.com/threads/old-post-counts-and-why-they-change.89608/#post-954789

They are simply marked under their old account.

There is a cooling off period of 14 days, and a reminder email at 10. But to be fair I can't make that shorter. So don't whine if I delete your account within minutes of you hitting that button.

There is a confirm button after the page I link to, so you can have a look at the self delete and not delete yourself fully. You will know when you are about to. It makes it obvious.

With this in mind, no "had enough I'm leaving" posts will be kept online for long. Those who reply risk having their accounts erased too. So ignore them.

Go post them on facebook instead.

JOTM Died. It wasn't working. My fault. So let's freshen it up eh.

I want all members who are going, or staying here to troll, screen print our threads and discuss them in groups elsewhere, to click their delete buttons please. You're not really going to get on with the new forum at all I'll promise you that now.

I don't want people on here who don't want to be on here, or only come here to troll, or only screen print and chat about a thread on a facebook group.

I've got some Catfish accounts and am in some groups and see what's said about the forum and by who. And it's ALL ********. Nearly all the time.

You know who you are: https://www.tilersforums.com/account/delete

Hit delete. Let us have our forum back and let us crack on with making it awesome for the newbies. They're the next gen tilers and forum members.

Wayyyyy too many cliques on my forums. I'm slowly churning them all out to whatsapp and facebook groups.

Have a good life people. And never ever get worked up about a post, or thread, or pic on FB, or whatever. If you put your phone down face down, or close your laptop, it goes. It's not the real world you know :)

All the best peeps.
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