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I have problem and would like some help or advice. We have a victorian home in Saint John NB. At some point, the homeowner carpeted over a beautiful victorian black and white marble floor in the portico. I tried everywhere to figure out how to remove the mastic stuck on the floor. So today I used furniture stripper and that is working, any advice on what else I should be aware of or what else I could do? Thank you for your help

Wayne Brown

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Multi solve cleaner is a good product and is harmless to most surfaces there's no fast fix solution a sharp scraper and elbow grease. Kop



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It's often just a case of finding what works to clean off your problem as cleaning is normally specific to what you're trying to get off rather than the tile , always test in an inconspicuous area first to make sure it doesn't damage the tile first , but do not use any acid based products on marble as it will ruin it as it will dissolve the surface .

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