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Hello Everyone new to the forum. I have done a fair few DIY tiling jobs ( bathroom floor, kitchen splash back, En suite ) i will post photos of each of these jobs.
i want to do a tiling course i fancy the 13 day UK pro tiling training course, anyone been on this course? or know anyone that has?

Thanks Jack


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Hi Jack,

I did the 5 day course a couple of years ago now and it was awesome! Really gave me a great understanding of the foundations and the confidence to go away and start taking on small jobs, gradually then over time learning more and taking on more challenging tasks.

The learning didn't stop after the course and I spent many hours trawling through this forum and just reading replied from experienced people about what to use in which situation etc. I still do that now and am constantly learning and (hopefully) improving my own skills.

There is great money to be earned if you put the time and effort into it. Or if like me you just want the freedom to earn a crust, working for yourself and maybe having some more free time to enjoy life a bit more, then it can allow for that too.

Hope that helps



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