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Splodgy Splodge

Hi, just joined this forum and like to say very nice stuff on here.

I have been tiling on and off for a few years now but due to the current climate i'm looking for something to give an extra bit in my pocket with my spare time so i want to go self employed. I'm aware that an NVQ is or will soon be required to continue in the tiling trade but trying to get something for this qualification in my area is not good :thumbsdown:.

I tried all the colleges in Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire and even Swansea and not even they have a tutor for this. And googling for an hour or two trying to search for a centre in the area has given a non existent result too.

Can anyone recommend or know any places where i can get this qualification? can this be distance learned (probably no but worth an ask)?.

I really don't want to travel too far and i can't really afford shacking up in a hotel too (though a tent would be fine :lol:).


Yo only need the nvq for site/contract work..not domestic...which do you do..?

And you can get on site assesments as well...

Splodgy Splodge

I do Domestic so i should be ok. I read a thread about this qualification in another section but seemed a bit heated up over wether it's for contract or domestic or both (please don't argue in this thread :conehead:).

Thanks for the very rapid response, much appreciated.

But if anyone knows anywhere round here that does it just out of curiosity please let me know, thanks.


This might be your nearest i can think of..

Untitled Page

and NO you still deffo do not need nvq's for domestic..:smilewinkgrin:
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