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Apr 2, 2006
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This is me still customising the forum.

Check this page out: Tile Materials and Tiling Tools - https://www.tilersforums.com/categories/tile-materials-and-tiling-tools.201/

It's the forum categories related to tools and products. As well as having its own section now in the main menu. And the main forums stored within the area.

It now has the last 5 or so years worth of most replied forum threads from all those categories. So it'll change over time, automatically.

I'll work on the other sections soon. Then I'll change the main forum menu so that you can quickly find the main categories of the forums, and each of those will have the kind of forums related to it. And the menu will become easier to follow.

Google has nearly indexed our site properly again since the domain change. So I can start relaxing and weaning out the sidebar widgets (which you see under the content when on a small device).

The forum is too big to rely on just the whats new page these days. You're not seeing all the content when you're doing that. And it's hard to find where to post threads and things because the forum is getting bigger and bigger. And our other forums are even bigger than this one.

You're the guinea pigs with this. :) See how you get on. The other category I've setup like this is the new choosing tiles one. And you can whack the link in the main menu bar to see how I've done that one. As it doesn't have history of threads, it's got just all threads in it. And the list will populate over time.

Our tools and products forums are massive though. 200,000 posts. So I thought I'd tackle that area first when it comes to the existing forums.

Sooooo, this is my unique way of creating 'mini forums' within the site.

No other forum does this. This is my coding and work ;) ;)

And it's this kinda thing that'll stop us being beaten. :D

You're welcome. :)

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