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Hi there,
Looking for some advice here on which way is the best to go.

I'm getting conflicting reports from various tiling shops about tiling onto sheet vinyl stuck solidly onto a concrete floor.
I have 110m2 that i'm pricing on a floor and I don't want any comebacks should i get the job.
One company has said it's a no-no, lift the vinyl, and adhesive, from the existing floor, prime it then your good to go.
2nd company has said, i can clean up the vinyl, scratch the surface so the adhesive has something to grip onto, prime then use flexible rapidset direct onto the existing vinyl.
3rd company has said I can go direct onto the vinyl, once it has been cleaned up, but are also saying the tile is only stuck onto the vinyl and should that in time come away from the existing floor then they won't guarantee it, even though they say their product is good for it.

Any thoughts would be great


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i would rip up the vinyl bond the floor and ue a slc just for piece of mind


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As above, get the floor up and slc. Don't risk ruining your reputation for the sake of a couple of days prepping.

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That's what I was originally going to do, rip it up clean it all down, prime or self level everything then tile.
However, Bal have said, I can clean it up, scratch the surface prime with the S.B.R then use the Rapidset flexible.
Think with the price the materials are working out to do, I may as well, stick to my original plan! Work out about the same on material and gives me the piece of mind I'm looking for.
If I get it. Up against another vinyl floor or a wooden one.
Fingers crossed

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