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Richard Edwards

I've been to see a proposed job today and would appreciate some advise from you guys who have tackled this issue before.

The wet room floor is old, sound and very stable. concrete / cement leveller underneath a dot finished vinyl type floor. The floor was put down about 7 years ago by Bush Healthcare for an infirm lady and she has passed on. The surface is a heavy duty stippled vinyl sheet and lapped up the walls with a corner fillet former. I will take the fillet former out and sort that out.

I really would like to lay mosacis down on the vinyl sheet material, basically because its sound and solid and it would be a potch to lift it.

Can you advise what prep and primer you might use , or have used on similar in the past with 100% success.

If I lay on top on the sheet, I will prob use either flexible - one / two pack or a polymer ad mix.

Any thoughts guys ?

A photo attached if this helps-coming to this message later.


Nov 5, 2008
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Hi Richard,
I know it's a pain, but you really do need to take the vinyl up:thumbsdown:
After you've done that and prepped the floor for tiling, you'll be a lot happier:thumbsup:


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Just use a heat gun to soften the glue and then pull up in sections....use the heat gun again to get as much glue up as possible then slurry coat the floor ready for tiling.
timeless john

timeless john

Feb 21, 2009
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The sheet flooring looks like non slip Altro flooring!
It is normally laid with a contact type adhesive over a latex screeded floor - so it should be smooth.
As per Dave - a heatgun to remove the covering and as much adhesive - overscreed and tile with mosaic.:hurray:

Richard Edwards

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Hello John and Friends

Just to let you know that if we are appointed by the client to refurb this old wet room, I have decided to lift the Vinyl Sheet floor - John reckons its Altro Flooring, as per John and others advice.

Thanks for your help

Richard :thumbsup:


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i think thats wise mate even if you do it at your own expense

after all you are the quality tiling company ltd:thumbsup:

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