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Discuss *** THINK YOU CAN RUN A FORUM?!?! MWaaahahahhahaaa - Alright then, let's do it. in the Tiling Forum | Tile Advice area at


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Apr 2, 2006
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Staffordshire, UK
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It's come to my attention again that we're in another phase for TilersForums. And it's one I'm perhaps going to need to step back in.

I've been toying with the idea for a bit. And I think it's a shame to lose this place.

No other forum setup will work. It's too late in the game. The other three or four or five didn't, not sure why you think another one will.

So. With that in mind, I want to hand this forum over to you all. ALL OF YOU.

Past, present, new, old - whatever level of member you were, it's all fair game.

I'd be thinking % myself, % split between you all. (No hostile takeovers then) but I bring a lot to the table for that. And clearly, it's my job so I aren't bad at it. Just a shyte tiler, perhaps ;)

But I will be a sleeping partner.

I'm thinking we first appoint the people who are willing to do this. The sceptics can come a bit later if they wish. But I think we can make this place better than it's ever been. It just needs me gone I think. All my forums work best with me behind the scenes it seems and whilst I saw this as my baby, I've watched it grow into a bitchy teenager. And now it's nearing adulthood and she needs to go alone.

Take care of her. She's a good 'un.

I'm thinking you'd need 2 admins, 4 mods, a dozen lower level bods. These days, it needs a social media arm. Not one to spend too much time on, but one I've always hated to think I need. It needs it's blog to work, perhaps two bloggers. No advertisements or sponsors shown to any of these people who are helping the forum. No restrictions on who can be discussed and linked-to.

You need to come up with a way to stop one guy getting quids in from his supplier though. That's usually the problem that the silencing of domains comes from. Not ideal but stops people taking the mick on the sly.

Though to be fair, you consider what it needs between you.

Personally I'd say it needs Dave, Bri, Doug, Mark, GaryTheTiler, AndysTileTiling, and their resources. Amongst then a dozen below them with smaller less time consuming jobs. And perhaps even TTA on board with it also.

Needs a seperate standalone 'findatrader' type site, or one picking for us to network with across the whole network. That might be hard to do. I've attempted it a few times.

I think in current times, with so many places people search for tile advice, a new forum just isn't going to compete long term. If I had the old spirit in me, I'd have bought all domains related to all your companies and advertised all your competitors on them for free whilst ranking higher for all your companies.

I just aren't that passionate or mean about it these days. I'd rather offer the place up for grabs to let it get to where it should be.

I'm taking a weeks holiday with my Wife and Daughter for my birthday, 21 of course. And will be back start of June or day or two in, and those who are on board to DISCUSS AND NEGOTIATE from then on are welcome to throw their hat in, we will make a hidden forum and hash it out, get a contract drawn up, and crack on the following day.

If we can't come to some arrangement then I'll have a rethink.

I think I can restore some erased accounts if that helps sway those members.

We could have a full forum overhaul, or creep and go with it and change bits at a time. I'd be happy to hear anything at all brought to the table.

I look up to you all. This sour feeling is usually one sided and not mine. It's usually a misunderstanding. And it's usually something I forget personally, I have tens of thousands of accounts across the network, but you guys always remember it and don't drop it for years. So you'll need to forgive me if I've done something or you think I've done something. But I stand by most of what I've fought for over the years and we've had some awesome battles.

I just can't battle anymore.

Let's run a forum again.

Thoughts and things discuss elsewhere, I wont be replying to this. Use your existing channels to come up with some ideas, ways it could work, troubles we might have and need to iron out, that kinda thing. But when I'm back we can bring all that to the table here privately and discuss where to go. And I hope it is forwards for the sake of my baby. :)

Peace out. Stay safe.
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May 16, 2020
United Kingdom
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Reply to *** THINK YOU CAN RUN A FORUM?!?! MWaaahahahhahaaa - Alright then, let's do it. in the Tiling Forum | Tile Advice area at

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