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Sep 21, 2020
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Hi all,

just like I wrote in the introduction I’ve been lurking in this forum for quite some time trying to learn as much as I could with out asking questions. I’ve always used a big box store cutter and for my needs it’s worked well. We just bought a new house and I’ve asked the builder to leave a lot of the tiling to me, bathrooms, kitchen splash etc. So I’ve decided to buy what to me is a nice machine, the sigma 3C3M. The thing that is keeping me from pulling the trigger is the fact that I can’t seem to understand why sigma wants you to push the cutter away from the fence? I’ve never tried a cutter that does this and I don’t like the fee of pull cutters. I know there are videos of guys flipping the handle around but sigma has no literature showing this. How do you guys find it to use? For those who own one... I know it’s a beauty machine and to be honest I’ve been so busy that I’m sure all I will get to this year is the kitchen back splash as I have tons of other stuff going on too so I’m not opposed to a smaller cutter as well for the time being.
thanks in advanced

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