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Hi All

Been looking into buying a rotozip or bosch gtr30 but I'm a bit unsure which one to go for.

I'm wanting the straight edge guide which is supplied in the rotozip kit but looks like its not supplied with the bosch, i'm guessing the bosch could be used with my own straight edge as a guide right?

Also wondering if the bosch is worth getting with the tile dock or is it available without?

Any input on these two models would be appreciated.



The latter is the replacement for the Rotozip..

So if you find a Rotozip forsale ( new) then you will get it for a good price.. Less than 100 quid at present.. but the GTR30 is the new improved model.. so the choice is yours..

I have the Rotozip and i use mine quite a bit..


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ctd are doing the bosch eith the tile dock free if you buy it just now here


I have 2 of the older Rotozips and find them useful 1% of the time........99% of the time they stay in the workshop.....Not for me.:thumbsdown:


Thanks for the replies,

I'm looking to buy it to put a new straight cut on some 25mm stone that needs to be cut off in a doorway and to cut around the bottom step of a stairway that has a rounded edge to it so I'm thinking this will be the 1% its used, I'm not really looking at using it for a replacement hole drill but more for cutting out awkward shapes in tiles and stone.

Does anyone know if the bit that comes with both the rotozip and bosch will be ideal for cutting (not core drilling) shapes in stone or will i need to buy an extra bit. Also are the rotozips compatable with the bosch drills and cores?

thanks again

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