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dave l and l

the misus has bought self adhesive vinyl tiles for ensuite. online company with no info on fitting or primers
i have fitted ply to floor but i was wondering if anyone had any idea on what primer to use to help with adhesion.


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I have done these in the past few weeks and on the packet it said use PVA....there has been no problem since :)

Robb o

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The company I sub for do a load of vinyl in wetrooms.
The contractors use Ardex floor primer(Green)
This may be worth a look,but i'm not sure on wood as this is mainly on Givlon screed with a D.P.M self leveling on top.

dave l and l

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its ok it was my own bathroom, the tiles are pretty cheap. so if it fails i wont worry about it to much so i went with the ply, if it fails then so be it, i would happily replace them anyway was they are not very nice.so worst comes to worst i will rip out and tile properly , thanks for the replies


Apr 2, 2009
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Primer is probably not ended for ply but if it is dusty PVA would be fine. Dilute it 1:5 wth water first and let it dry thoroughly first. Alternatively if you have some acrylic primer that would equally ok. Pva is more of a problem when sandwiched between two alkaline materials eg plaster and tile adhesive

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