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Hi guys. Planning my first bathroom build and just got a few questions.

Looking for input on shower trays and enclosures. I have been looking at the coram optima 900x900 quadrant. It has formed raised back edges to recess into plasterboarfd and help with preventing leaks. Are these trays and enclosures worth the buy? Most designes dont seem to have them.

Its going to be a complete refurb bathroom so the walls will be pretty level, that would be the only issue i could think of with that design if the internal corner of the walls were out it would leave less tolerance to get the tray in. But lets assume walls are flat!

Other question is reguards to flooring, i have seen that laminate thats designed for bathrooms, various brands out there, anything to avoid?

Its going to be on a timber suspended floor.



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Right so i have chosen to go with the coram optima chrome 900x900. I was going to go with the mira leap enclosure with a mira flight shower tray but think im decided on the coram model.

As for the floor. I am going to tile it. Stuff it!

Il do my reaserch and come back.

Wayne Brown

Professional Tiler
Either will do the job well I have fitted both when you make your mind up come back to us , your prep work is the key to a successful install if possible use a waterproof tile backer board if not the plasterboard will need a tanking system applied before tiling . Kop