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0E6E0D54-A052-49BF-94C5-EEF9117CCDBF.jpeg Hello everyone, Happy Thanksgiving!

I am a general contractor in South Florida and have a new crew installing a patio floor. Note the patio floor has uneven terrazzo, at ton of prep work needed, definitely not a easy job. One layer of terrazzo on top of another. 90% of the top layer was removed. There were some plumbing patches in the slab. My tile contractor has installed a leveling bed of Laticrete 252 on top of the terrazzo. I have concerns as this is the wrong product for the job. Typically I am used to self leveling or a mortar bed. Never seen someone make soup of 252 and use it as a leveling bed. Definitely know this goes against the manufacturers recommended installation methods. Will this last or is garbage? Looking for advice whether or not to pull the plug with this tile con and move on to the next one. Your thoughts?

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