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Have a couple of questions which I will try and ask with context below :

I have ordered Marmox 12.5mm multiboard to use for the bathroom walls which two are block walls, one is brick and the other is brick either side of a stud partition (under the window).

I plan to fix the boards on a solid bed of adhesive and mechanically fix with washer and screws. I have bought some galvanised washers but have yet to source the screws. The recommendation from the company I've bought the marmox boards from is to use stainless steel screws. I've looked online and through screwfix and toolstation and a lot of reviews talk about how soft the screws are with them shearing off in a number of applications.

Question 1: How critical is it that they need to be stainless steel? I have bought the marmox waterproof tape and intend to cover all the fixing points in the shower area with this tape. Can I just use normal fixings and plugs (gold screws, turbo golds, etc...)?

Also, I will be bridging partial brick wall and partial stud wall with boards. The stud wall section I have built under the window and brought level (ish) with the brick work either side. The wall is uneven in places. I have covered the studwork with 12mm plywood sealed on back and sides with SBR. I was also planning to apply fully bed of adhesive, fixing into brick and stud work.

Question 2: Does this sound an OK approach or any suggestions otherwise?

Thanks in advance,



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All sounds okay to me, would go with SS screws though.

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