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Hi, Can anyone advise how best to or whether it is OK to lay cermaic floor tiles over vinyl tiles. Looking through the forum some say it's OK whilst other suggest removing which I think will be very hard to do. The floor in question is a kitchen floor and the tiles are "extremely" well stuck down, being down I believe for some 7 years with non being loose or damaged.

If it is OK to do this what would be the recommend adhesive to use and what prepartion is required.

Previoulsy, when I have done wall tiling, I have always used 'ready mixed' opting for Weber which I had no porblems however, reading through the forum it appears that ready mixed for floor tiles isn't usually recommend.

Any advice would be much appreciated..

Thanks in advanced, Mike :innocent:


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Rip the vinyl up and tile to the floor with cement-based adhesive.

Do you know whether it's wood or concrete under the vinyl?


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Hire a mechanical tile remover if needed.


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I am in the process of ripping up and relaying a kitchen floor,done 18 months ago, that was laid on vinyl tiles,i was called in to advise on why the tiles were lifting, simply all done wrong, the vinyl tiles lifted easily with a scraper underneath and the bond between tile and vinyl not good. Save your self money in the long run and do it right first time. Get a long handled razor edge floor scraper they will come up.


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Have done a quick test - removing a tile that was under the washing machine in the utility. Took about 15 - 20 minutes to fully remove as the tile splintered many times and the adhesive was relutant to come off. It looks like the tiles were laid on a base of 4-5mm of what appears to be "epoxy resin?" on top of a solid concrete floor which has a sort of grey primer covering. I think a layer of resin was laid and then the tiles applied as I found some of the original vinyl tiles (Armstrong) hidden in the garage and they had no adhesive backing.

Would a mechanical tiler remover be suitable for this as the kitchen and utility area is roughly 14 sq m, about 170 tiles :sick::sick:

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I read somewhere that you can use tin foil and a normal domestic iron (presumably so you don't damage the iron) pressed firmly onto the floor in order to warm the adhesive and the tiles may well just peel back off. I've got to be honest and say I've never tried this method and I'm sure it depends on what type of adhesive has been used (can't imagine it would have any effect on a cement based adhesive!). Either way, I always remove exisiting floor coverings even though it can sometimes be time consuming and a pain in the @%$£! My preferred weapon of choice is my breaker with tile removal attachment - usually does the trick.

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gas blow torch from the hire shop ,warm the tile up and it will just peel back

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