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Okay, further to the thread discussing the consideration of doing this, I've done it. :)

Now the competition didn't run for some time between staff changes running it. So the I can only find three members who have won the it within the last 12 months. It hasn't been running since March 2019.

So here are the jobs and winners I can find:-
If ANYBODY can find other winners since October 2018ish kinda time, let me know. I'm struggling.

Job Of The Year tags should still apply I haven't messed with them.

So line drawn, let's play with the new competition if and when it gets back up to speed. :)

It was said that it is a bit of banter and a laugh on here. But actually it was taken very seriously back in the day. And I'd like to get back to that kinda stage again.

Those who have won it, will get mentioned in some blog posts I'm knocking up soon. And I'll even design an image with a trophy and the username and month / year for each winner to use wherever they wish (or you can just not download it - left with you guys). Hopefully it'll have some support again. I know I'd like to see that anyway.

Thanks for understanding people.

Good luck in future competitions! :D


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Joty hasn’t run since 2015 JohnnyC was least to win it.
And yes, I’m still bitter. :)
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Actually think it was 2013.
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I'm making it fresh again. It was broken, and died a death. The software change finished it off just as it was getting back into a rhythm again thanks to @Plan Tec Tiling - Though this new version comes with a prettier badge. And automatically removes it after a set time. I set it to 12 months, and thought hmmm that'd be good.

Recognition-wise, it's all still recorded. The whole threads are still there with the vote counts in. Nothing is lost.

I think people are A) thinking they've lost the win - they haven't, just a badge and B) getting too worked up about a badge.

You will be in blogs and have a brand new logo with your username and date you won on it. And you can upload it as your avatar if you want. Or I'll make a sticker for your van if you want.

Let's have a JOTM V3 now eh? one that lasts and isn't cross-referencing the older ones that worked differently.
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I've cleared this thread up a bit.

V3 of the JOTM will be similar to V2.

I'm not wiping the lot. We're a forum. We keep the content.

I'll blog about, and pay homage to, the guys who have won it over the years. I'll post a blog about each year, and add some pics to it, and mention the guys, link to their listings on here, and that kinda jazz. I'll do that ongoing now, so V3 will have some blogs posted about the winners of that one too. As that's a rolling 12 months thing and in 12 months time, the first winner of it will lost their banner (which is now a ribbon over the avatar - looks cool I think).

Doug was butt hurt about losing his numbers. I've posted a thread up to disprove his accusations.

Seems we are going through menopause early on here or something. We will only lose members who haven't been supportive of the forum. Seeing them post here, then screen shot it and post it on FB and slate it. Then the replies like 'watch this I'll join in too' and head over here and ask a stupid question. That's not a good member here we don't want waste time on them.

Give it till the end of the week and I think we would have gotten through this and come out better because of it. Just done something similar on the sparky forum. And did it on plumbers 18 months ago.

Can't have a forum staying the same for years. It goes off like milk in a conservatory on a hot day.

If you're going, go.
If you're staying stay.

You don't have to post but watch see what I do. I think in the end you'll be like hmmmm, that was needed.

As for JOTM. Once it's going and people are used to posting, we'll enforce it with the 'take a shot of a paper' rule again. But let's get it going first eh. :)

All the best to everybody. Stayers and leavers. :)
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