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I'm going to set something up tomorrow so that we can host all your videos, no matter how big or how long. Upload them for free. Not get lost amongst cat videos and stuff like they do on YouTube.

I'll rip all the good ones and host them on here.

Let people ask for us to take them down like YouTube have always done. They aren't pre moderated. They moderated after its being reported.

Are you guys up for that?

Have your videos somewhere that they don't get lost and actually get seen by other tilers etc

No file size limits. No disk space limits. No false traffic to them. All pure tiling and nothing else.

You can embed them on social media sites and your own websites. And we pay the hosting of it all.

Subscribed members get no ads on any videos. Regular members get very few ads. Unregistered 3 per page (that's the max allowed). But not all around the video more to do with the forum style than the video. The video wouldn't have an ad in it if you embed it on FaceAche for example.

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