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So we are encouraging all types of jobs these days. When they take off again, we will start requesting that people upload a photo of the job that has a newpaper clipping laid on the tiles in the shot. Showing the date the tiling was done.

But for now, any job, that its completion date was in the month for the JOTM for that month.

Prizes will increase over time, we had a few grands worth going out at one point. I'm trying to get a cutter and things in there each month, even if a small one. And some adhesive maybe too.

The instructions on how to vote, I will add to this when I've seen the buttons in action so I can copy them. But this thread also gives you some insight on how to vote too. Any member can vote. Customers of jobs they've had done from years ago can come on here and vote. DIY from years ago can vote. New accounts setup after this month, will not be able to vote.

We have some very clever abuse and spam clevers in this forum. If anybody is clocked making voting groups on facebook, all will be banned from entering and the forum ongoing. It's just not fair. So trust those people with your accounts on the forum before voting in them.

Some tips:-
  • Vote for the most expensive tiles / nicest looking tiles, sure. But that isn't all what's behind a job.
  • I've voted for a job because a DIY did it, and he climbed a bunch of stairs with all the huge tiles, and did a pretty good job, he was a member who has researched on here, so I voted for him. He didn't win mind. But wasn't close off winning if I remember it.
  • I'm 70% certain who voted for who is shown. So if 5 people are taking turns winning 1 each over 5 months, for example, all those votes will be discounted and we will rerun the voting entry based on those being remove and let somebody else win for those 5 months. - So vote for who you genuinely think won in the said month.
  • If people have created a thread in eg January about the job and asking for advice, and then Feb got the tiles and started the job in March. And all their info is in one big thread titled "My DIY Project with porcelain tiles one wood" that's going to be a lovely big thread, used the forum loads in doing it, if he ever used all the sponsors somehow doing it, he'd get my vote that month.
Key is trying to use a thread to create a job-related thread. And update us when you're doing it. Plug your suppliers in it, and tell them you're doing so, see if they give any discounts on your gear maybe? Dunno.

But if we can end up with 20 entries each month, 10 tilers, 5 diyers, 3 first time homeowners who have never done a thing with tiling before, 2 plumbers. And each one makes a thread for the job they think they might enter (and maybe even a thread to throw us off when it comes to regulars and says they're unsure and submit it late to keep us on the ball, that'd be really really cool.

We have a DAB Makita Radio and £50 Amazon Voucher for this so far. That's 180's worth I think.

I'll add actual links and things to this thread as and when we have them when the voting starts.

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