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Howdy all,

New to the forum. A DIY tiler. I was recently made redundant out if the wonderful world of IT and I'm hoping to re-train as a tiler. Am looking at a few courses, most notably Trades Training in Edinburgh in order to gain my level 1 C&G (6 week course). Also hoping to attain 2 week C&G in Plumbing and Construction skills (6219).

My 'plan' is to setup my own business in West Sussex. Not looking at earning a fortune.

Having read some forum posts, would folk recommend me getting some hands on training with a local tiler after my courses? Bearing in mind both courses take 8 weeks to complete, so I should in theory be trained well.

Thanks in advance!



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You can get a lot of help on these pages and yes you are right getting practical hands on experience is a really good idea , but i hate to burst your bubble but you won't be well trained in tiling and plumbing after 8 weeks . Did you learn your job in eight weeks .


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Hello and welcome Mike :)

The course will definitely give you a good understanding of the tools you will be using and a good base, but getting out with someone will be the best way to learn it all on an actual job. I haven't read up on that place in Edinburgh but just check out the reviews and see if you can contact someone who has possibly done it? There is a highly reviewed training course that sponsors this site.

You won't need to spend a year grouting or 6 months making tea to earn your stripes, with the right attitude and drive i'm sure you can make a go of it, just know your limits. There are a lot of highly regarded/specialist tilers on here that didn't do an apprenticeship.

Good luck and let us now how you get on :thumbsup:


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majority of tiles these days are 600x300 or bigger or 200x100 metros what you may learn on one of these courses is vastly different to what people want in there bathroom kitchens etc.
im getting to the end of my tiling days as my knees are vastly out of plumb and not very vertical any more try and find an old tiler near you and offer to give a hand for afew weeks like an intern. may save you money and you might learn a lot more then what youll learn on a course


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Try and find the best tradesman near you and shadow and labour for as long as it takes until you're comfortable doing the easier stuff.
Reputation is everything in this trade. Good luck!

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