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Low level access shower with heat sealed vinyl floor being laid.

Walls not prepared as normal..holes, gauges and protruding rawplugs. Planning if filling with tile cement? Initially normal PB put on main shower wet room wall, no sealant or taping or joints. Insisted be changed so now have waterproof backing boards.

Always taping gas gone over plastered ceiling and gaps left....

Help tiling prep. Tiling apparently commencing at nearest corner of window wall then working round room. Queried this as always understood start in centre of main wall (this case shower wall) then adjust either side if need be then work from there...

Walls being tiled before heat sealed vinyl floor laid.. is this normal? Know it goes up wall a little way then edging put on...howvcan walls be tiled before flooring to get line?







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The layout of the tiles I suppose depends on the tile going on the wall. Maybe the fitter has set them out already and will start in the corner with a cut tile? So he has planned it from the centre, but starting to lay from the corner?

Regarding the tiling before the vinyl, perhaps he is putting battens on the wall, tiling it then fitting the last course once the floors laid? or fitting the vinyl up the top underside of the tile?

The gap by the top of the door frame in that picture will be lost under the tile and the silicone im guessing.

I know tilers who don't have an issue with fitting plasterboard in a wet area as they make sure its fully tanked.

I would have to say dont worry about things that have not happened yet, everyone has their own way of doing things, if your concerned just keep an eye on the progress and bring up any queries with the fitter...
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