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I've just finished grouting my porcelain tiles with a grey grout. I gave them a good sponge over but now they're drying there's grey haze over the tile.
Do I just wait for the grout to dry then go over with sponge and water again or do I need some kind of acid based product?


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Assuming there not heavily textured I would wait til the grout is firm then wipe the floor down with a micro fibre cloth


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If it is obvious that grout haze is going to be a problem(Probably is by the time you have read this) I would just leave the floor alone. The more you go over it,the more grout you will wash out of the joints.
Leave the floor until tomorrow morning,give Lithofin Tech Dept a ring and they will sort you out for what you need to do.
This info is very dependant on your situation though.......walls,floors,risk of acid etching surrounding fittings,type of grout???? and so on. So a bit more info required.


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Hate to be negative, but I had this issue with porcelain floor tiles.
Tiles were lightish wood affect, used a "Tobacco" colour grout. Grouted the 4mx4m room and then cleaned off. The grout left a haze which turned out to be a stain.
Hit it with all I could plus advice and the room is the same, no better.
Faced with the rest house to do on that level.
After grouting 1mm joints the grout was removed much quicker and frequently. It worked and proved the grout was staining.


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Butech colorstuk .
I spent another two hours hours scrubbing away and I was still left with a haze so I bought some acid based cleaner from tops tiles and it worked a treat.
Anybody in the know,know if Butech grout is manufactured by a third party?