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Excuse the length and new thread, but it reads super fast. I could use some advice. There are a few hundred tiles to fix... not all of them...
This project has been delayed for years and much has been put into it.. and now this.

Why give in now. I plan on fixing the tiles I have not grouted yet... even it takes weeks.

I do not think I pushed the tile in too hard. I just did it with the float. Then a two by four with a rubber mallot... tapping lightly on it.

I have only grouted one of three walls. The grout came out great... except for some
of the tile. I attribute this to the glue from the mesh bleeding onto the sides of the glass tile:

Grouted tile with issues

Name:  glue and thinset bubbles.jpg Views: 0 Size:  72.5 KB

Grouted tile as it should be.

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Here is a close up of some left over tile to illustrate the glue on the sides: (the main pic is the tile folded exposing the edges of the tile.)

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Here are most of the tools I am using. Some I have modified to have a bur at the end to catch the back edge, but really the trick is pushing back the glue (It is sticky like thick snot) The hook and picks are new, trying today.

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I am practicing on the tile behind the stove, but am not doing so great and it takes a long time. Indeed the grout saw is helping speed it up, but really it is the glue and cutting behind the tile does not help. I have started using a hair dryer to soften the glue a little... it helps a little, but I only have two hands.
Also, I have marked the saw and snap blades so I do not go too far behind the tile.... Very tedious.
So far.... still not working all that great, but it is better!

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From a distance the wall I finished looks good, except for the squiggles.
I am not as happy with it as I thought I would be, but some lighting and appliances.... it should be really nice.
The outlet covers and switches were very very cheap. Gloss is NOT the way to go...
I want satin black, but who knew it would be so much more expensive (Lutron)
Perhaps a different type would be better??? Or print vinyl and skin my own covers.

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Also tried a mini engraver on unused tile... very vary bad idea.
It is important to be gentle esp. around the stone.

So I put the grout away, am going to reassemble everything, put in temp plates... and will spend the next few weeks trying to fix this...
Unless there is a better way???

There is NOTHING I can find on the net about this... I have been searching a lot. Any advice would be appreciated... well... good advice.

Lastly: The other two walls for anyone who has seem my other posts and might be curious.



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Here is a small section of the second wall...
Using a oscillating multitool, I tried to get rid of the glue on the installed tiles

... the results were less than optimal.
But I think maybe better than the first wall?
[IMG alt="Name: second wall.jpg
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Close up of the plastic and rubbery glue on the side of a tile:

Furthermore: After sealing the stones twice, I expected more of the grout to release.
I hope that now the grout is hardened I can scrub the tiles a little harder to get some of the grout off the faces in the tricky spots.

I tried my best wiping and wiping and wiping and wiping during grouting... but nothing I did during grouting would remove the grout completely... not even a toothbrush or stiff brush with non acid cleaner.

One more wall to go, most used so I would like it to be better. I have used x-acto knives and x-acto push blades... snap blades, grout cutters and the oscillating multitool (very carefully)

[IMG alt="Name: oscillating multitool.jpg
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I am my own worst enemy and biggest critic

I miss when we used to get much more responses and advice from this forum. Not much help at all. Am I that boring, clueless, what?
Is there a better place to go for help... or do I need to hop on a paid site or something?

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