South East Gemini tiles needed

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Jun 25, 2020
High wycombe
What member type are you?
Type of tiling work required
Other - please explain in the thread
Total Meters of Tiling (either per job or week)
A few spares
Area the tiling job(s) / tiling work are/is?
Bathroom, small area
Desperate! Looking for gemini allure tiles from a discontinued range. Colour mocha, cream and white. Any spares you might have please!
Please don't post phone numbers or email addresses in this area of the forum. You need to contact the member who posted the job via the forum conversation system by clicking on their name, and then click 'Start Conversation'. Phone numbers and email addresses need to be shared privately because agencies try and put the job in their systems and make a few quid out of passing on leads. Thanks :)

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